Adagio Accounting

Adagio Accounting software is designed for small to mid-sized companies that have an accounting office. This means the accounting function is managed by trained accountants rather than by the owner-operator. It is designed to support the processes and audit controls of growing businesses.

  • Provides powerful and user-friendly financial reporting
  • Offers inventory management with accurate costing
  • Supports best in class audit controls

Flexible Transaction Posting 

Rather than being forced to post each transaction to today's date (like in Quickbooks), Adagio software provides accountants and bookkeepers with the flexibility to post to previous periods, and even periods in the prior and future year. The accounting system needs to control accounts for a diverse set of departments, divisions, and even multiple companies. They expect to produce financial reports that provide exactly the information that each constituent in the organization needs. Adagio is accounting software designed for real accountants. 

Adagio software enables the accounting department to quickly and efficiently enter large volumes of transactions. Adagio processes transactions in groups, or batches, rather than one-by-one in real-time. Batch processing allows for error prevention and correction before the transaction is permanently posted to the GL. There are additional controls for transaction posting that flow through to the sub-ledgers to prevent unauthorized or unwanted posts. The batch detail also provides auditors with additional audit trail.

Adagio is an Alternative to Quickbooks & Sage 50 Accounting Software

Quickbooks and Sage 50 do a little bit of everything. They are real-time systems – not batch systems. They are designed for owner-operators, with simplicity in mind. They offer a standard set of reports. Customization of reports, or creation of new reports is not permitted. They do not handle large transaction volumes or large inventories well. Data entry people are forced to use a mouse to enter transactions. Although Adagio Accounting is sold at a price-point that is a little more than the entry-level products, the depth of functionality and technical capabilities are closer to products that compete in the high-end enterprise accounting category. Adagio offers good value for companies that have outgrown their entry-level product and are looking for an accounting software system that will meet their needs as they grow their businesses.