Adagio is accounting software for warehouses and distribution companies. Our robust system is perfectly suited for wholesale distribution companies that process high volumes of transactions and manage large, complex inventories. 

Adagio For Distribution 

Adagio excels in the wholesale distribution sector. You need complete control over inventory – both on the purchasing side and the sales side. Our distributor accounting software includes Adagio Inventory, which is a module that makes the process of tracking and managing inventory more efficient.

Purchase Order Tracking For Your Distribution Company

For purchasing, you want a Purchase Order program that can easily track outstanding PO's by expected receipt date, keep detailed purchase history, and generate customized POs that can be emailed or faxed to your suppliers. You want to be able to generate reorder reports, and create "drop ship" POs straight from a sales order. Adagio accounting software for distribution companies makes it easy to track outstanding PO's so you can run purchasing more efficiently. 

Detailed Reporting For Your Distribution Business

Any accounting software for distributors should include robust order entry and tracking features. For sales, you need an Order Entry program that can handle multiple price lists, backorder tracking, and the ability to generate custom forms such as pick slips, order confirmations, and invoices. You also want detailed sales history at your fingertips, both by item and by customer.

You need the ability to flag customers, write electronic notes, and pop up alerts so that your order takers are fully informed and warned when interacting with customers. The Adagio SalesCQ and OrderEntry modules work together to make order entry and management a more efficient process for your business.

Extending Your Reach: US & Canada Integration

Integration between Order Entry and shipping software such as UPS Worldship or FedEx, or with your website, is of growing importance. You also need the ability to create custom reports such as a report of how commissions are calculated. If you are a Canadian or American company seeking robust distribution accounting software for Canada or the United States which goes beyond Quickbooks and other entry-level solutions, Adagio is your choice.