• Softrak Named Top Financial Reporting Solution Provider

    by User Not Found | Jul 19, 2018

    Softrak was chosen as Top Financial Reporting Solution Provider by CFO Tech Outlook in its July 2018 edition. The article names Adagio as one of CFO Tech’s top 10 financial reporting solutions. CFO Tech Outlook is a US-based print and online magazine with a readership of approximately 50,000 for print, 600,000 for online.


    In his interview with CFO Tech Outlook, Andrew Bates spoke about the strengths of Adagio’s financial reporting. “The software also offers a drill-down from a single number on a financial statement all the way to a balanced journal entry and associated source document, such as a PDF of the vendor invoice. With all of the financial information at your fingertips, you are ready to answer those many “quick questions” with “quick answers. At the higher end, Adagio maintains reporting flexibility without the IT complexity.”

    Click here to read the full CFO Tech Outlook interview with Andrew Bates.

  • Data Security and Going Paperless Were Hot Topics at AOC 2018

    by User Not Found | Jun 05, 2018

    Softrak recently held its annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. Held in Vancouver earlier this month, the event brought together a large community consisting of Adagio Accounting clients, authorized consultants and software developers. The conference primarily provides training, but also covers informational topics that are of great interest to a finance & accounting office.

    One of the most popular sessions was on data security (session titled Security Blocking & Tackling) presented by Ward Blatch of K2E Canada. This session described the vulnerabilities and threats to your company’s private data, and the most effective tools and techniques to protect it. Some interesting statistics presented were as follows:

    • 76% of security breaches were financially motivated.
    • 17% of breaches were a result of employee error.
    • 4% of people will click on any given phishing campaign.
    • 58% of victims are categorized as small business.

    These stats all reinforce the need for employee education when it comes to securing your company’s sensitive data.

    Ward Blatch of K2E Canada also presented a session on Going Paperless. This session covered policy & procedure best practices for moving towards the paperless office, and the technology infrastructure needed for storing and managing documents electronically. One of Softrak’s newest products, Adagio DocStore, is a key element for the efficient and effective management of electronic accounting documents.

    Our guests at AOC 2018 enjoyed the information sessions, and the networking with peers and others in the Adagio community. And of course, we all enjoyed the food at the Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel. Thanks to all who attended and participated in this year’s event. Next year, AOC 2019 will be held at in Ottawa from May 28 – 30th, so mark the date on your calendars.


  • Training – Investing in Your People

    by User Not Found | Apr 17, 2018

    Do you find sometimes that the productivity of your accounting department does not meet your expectations? Do you find that your accounting software doesn’t do what you need it to do, or it doesn’t mirror your operational processes the way one might expect? Do you find that new employees in your department take a long time to get up-to-speed and productive? Quite often, the problem is not your people or your software, but rather an insufficient program for training. I use the word “program” very deliberately. Employees need a series of training sessions, conducted over a protracted period of time, in order to improve proficiency and productivity. People might retain 10% of what they learn in a single training session. They need a training program in order to become proficient.


    In a recent survey of accounting firms (2018 K2E Canada Accounting & Bookkeeping Operations and Technology Survey), 69.7% of respondents indicated that they did not have a training budget established. In fact, less than 24% of the respondents were provided an annual training budget. This is not to say that training and professional development does not take place. It does, although for most it is unbudgeted, and the annual spend on professional development and education is less that optimal.

    Why is training so overlooked? Some speculate that management views training purely as an expense, rather than as an investment in employees’ career development. If you viewed vehicle maintenance such as an oil change as an unnecessary expense, you would learn pretty quickly that your car’s performance will degrade and the engine will cease up. People understand that they need to spend money to maintain their vehicles in order for it to run reliably.

    Softrak is only a couple of weeks away from holding its annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. This conference provides product education and operational best practices for people working in finance & accounting offices that have Adagio. In our experience, we occasionally have users of Adagio Accounting ask us why Adagio doesn’t provide a specific function or capability. Nine times out of ten, Adagio does in fact provide that capability. The user is just unaware of how to enable the function, or how the capability is managed in the software. It is a lack of training that limits how the software is used, and how the operational processes are automated. You drive a Cadillac, but you can’t get it out of first gear.

    If you are a manager, I hope you will give some thought to how training is provided for your staff. We all want to do our best and have a healthy level of job satisfaction. Having the right tools and training are important to the development of great employees.

    For a list of current Adagio events in your city click here


  • 5 New Brain Disorders for the Digital Age

    new_brain_disorders_for _the_digital_age2
    by User Not Found | Jul 07, 2017

    At Softrak’s recent Adagio Opportunity ConferenceWard Blatch of K2E Canada shared the 5 New Brain Disorders for the Digital Age with our audience. It was hilarious. I didn’t realize at the time that these are real disorders. The article 5 New Brain Disorders was first published in The Week on February 28, 2017, written by Tammy Kennon.

    disorders for  the digital age

    In today’s digital lifestyle, micro-blogs and Internet browsing have shortened our attention spans, reduced our patience, and changed our learning behaviors. This is why you hear pediatricians and educators warn us about limited screen-time for children under 10 years old. New neurological phobias and disorders have emerged, affecting this online generation.

    Here are the 5 new digital disorders, paraphrased to accommodate those with shortened attention spans:

    1. Nomophobia
      Nomophobia or No Mobile Phobia is the irrational fear or panic brought on by separation from one’s phone or tablet. In a recent UK survey, 73% of respondents claimed to have felt panic when they misplaced their smartphone. Of the 73%, 14% of those spiraled from panic to desperation.
    2. Technoference
      Technoference is the interruption or interference in relationships, leisure time and life satisfaction caused by technology. In a recent survey, 40% said they had postponed being intimate with partner because of some pending interaction on their smartphone.
    3. The Phantom Ring
      This phobia refers to the perception that one’s mobile device is ringing, buzzing or pinging when it is not actually doing so. In a recent poll of 320 adults, two-thirds reported experiencing phantom ringing.
    4. Cyberchondria
      Cyberchondria, not to be confused with Hypochondria, refers to people who diagnose their own illness online. This is a serious problem, as those in the medical profession will attest, because online self-diagnosis is fraught with inaccuracies and inconsistencies that incorrectly lead the patient to the rarest and worst-possible afflictions.
    5. Truman Show Delusion
      Taking its name from the 1998 film, The Truman Show, this syndrome refers to the irrational belief that someone is watching (or filming) you. Although this is not caused directly by our smartphones or digital devices, it is exacerbated by the social-media driven, reality-TV obsessed, connected lifestyle that feeds our narcissistic tendencies.     


  • We “Shared the Knowledge” at AOC 2017

    by Andrew Bates | Jun 08, 2017

    Softrak’s annual Adagio Opportunity Conference brought together a record number of Adagio community members to Toronto May 22-25, 2017. In keeping with AOC 2017’s theme “Share the Knowledge”, Softrak personnel from Customer Service, Marketing, QA, Documentation, R&D, Training and the executive suite helped our resellers and clients improve their Adagio skills over the course of the 4 day event. Developer partners and resellers stepped up to add their expertise to the mix – making the conference a true sharing experience. Special thanks to Phil McLeod, Steve Schwartz, Dan Desautels, Bruce Gardner, Larry Bates, Lars Glimhagen and Vickie Cegliastro for adding their expertise to our conference and making for a very memorable event.


    This year we started the conference with a special keynote from Alan Salmon of K2 Enterprises, who has spent more than 30 years providing professional training to accountants on technological topics like Excel. He looked back on the changes he has seen, and the steps he has taken to remain current in an ever-changing profession. Ward Blatch, also from K2,  talked to everyone about technology trends that he expects will change some of the work in the accounting department.

    Finally on the opening day, we got to showcase some of the R&D we expect to make available by the fall. Front and centre was the announcement of Adagio DocStore, a module that enables attachment and viewing of PDFs to transactions and master files throughout Adagio. Powered by a simple drag-and-drop interface, PDFs can be attached to a transaction at batch entry, and then remain with the transaction as it flows through the other modules in Adagio. This will enable someone working in Ledger to see all the invoices paid by a single check by clicking on the Credit Entry in the bank GL account.

    We also previewed a major new upgrade to Adagio OrderEntry which included not only expanded fields and address information, but also many new processing improvements including Notes and Optional Fields at the detail level. Finally, we announced R&D plans to include integrated credit card processing in Adagio before AOC 2018.

    After the opening plenary, attendees got to visit with our Adagio Developer Partners in the Exhibitor Laneway: North American Payment Solutions, LNG Management Services, TelPay, North49 Business Solutions, QLAB (PayDirt Payroll), Shadowsafe and SRSoft all had quality time with the attendees showing their Adagio integrated software solutions. At this point the weather had cleared enough to offer exceptional panoramic views from the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower.

    Conference reviews were overwhelmingly positive from the crowd who set a record attendance for AOC 2017. We look forward to welcoming everyone next year about the same time for AOC 2018.

  • “Automatically” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Correctly”

    by Andrew Bates | Nov 30, 2016

    path_blogFor an owner of a small business, an entry-level accounting product like Quickbooks can minimize the hours needed for bookkeeping. The business owner can set up direct feeds from bank accounts and credit cards. The accounting program can “auto-magically” apply transactions to GL accounts, and can save hours and dollars.

    What happens when the small business grows, adds a full-time accountant, and aims to improve its financial reporting?

    Sometimes the automation that is designed to make things easy can actually become an obstacle for the accountant. As the software tries to do all the accounting for the transactions as they are read, based on a simple set of rules, the automation can actually apply the amounts incorrectly. It’s easy not to notice the processing error at the time it occurs. The software program’s rules cannot anticipate the situations that invariably arise – situations that accountants are trained to identify and manage. There comes a time when the accountant needs software that enables them to do what they are trained to do. They need the automation to support their processes rather than automation that forces them to manage a process in spreadsheets – outside of the accounting system.

    customize_blogWe have designed Adagio Accounting software for accountants. Adagio BankRec allows the accountant to set rules on how transactions should be matched with the accounting entries. For those statement items where no matching accounting entry is found, Adagio BankRec allows the user to create a “Statement Rule” that can allocate a transaction to a specific GL account, Customer or Vendor based on information in the transaction description. The user gets to review all the information in BankRec before any transactions are posted into the accounting system. There are a lot more checks (no pun intended) and balances.

    Andrew Bates

  • Fall Travel Season Wraps Up

    by Andrew Bates | Nov 09, 2016

    andrew_blogpicNovember 4th marked the final travel leg for Softrak’s fall presentation season, with evening flights from Philadelphia to Toronto and onward home to Vancouver. Except for a wild cab ride in Montreal, all the travel was uneventful (as one always hopes!). During the last 12 weeks, we have done trade shows (CPA Canada The ONE Conference, IPBC Annual Conference, GFOA Annual Western Canada Conference), Adagio Academies (Whitehorse, Moncton, Prince George and Thunder Bay), Adagio Open Houses (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Victoria) and presentations (Moncton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, London, Owen Sound, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Vancouver and Philadelphia) all wrapped around the Alan Salmon & Associates Accounting Technology Seminar Series.

    We have participated in the Accounting Technology Seminar Series for more than 16 years. This whole day event sells out in many cities because of the valuable information from multiple vendors it showcases. Not to mention all those CPE credits for only $50! This year, 16 vendors and 1337 attendees came together in 13 cities. Attendees got to hear about new products and services from the likes of Softrak, Intuit, Sage, e-Courier, HubDoc, Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer amongst others. The broad range of topics, from core computerized accounting to data security and paperless workflow, all resonated with the crowd.

    session_picThis year, there was more emphasis than ever on the advantages that Cloud deployments bring to the accounting office. There was also increased emphasis on security around data storage and transmission. Ward Blatch, a speaker familiar to AOC attendees, highlighted coming technology changes that will impact our way of computing in the coming years. Perhaps the most interesting for people in the accounting office was the ubiquity of electronic documents and methods of managing them. As before, we expect to have Ward as a keynote speaker at AOC 2017 – May 23-25 in Toronto.

    Andrew Bates

  • The Changing Role of the Accountant

    by Andrew Bates | Oct 21, 2016

    change1According to a United States Department of Labor study in 2014, jobs in accounting and bookkeeping are expected to decline 8% over the next 10 years (2014 – 2024), while general employment (all occupations) is expected in increase by 7% over this same period. Technology is stated as the primary factor that has caused a decrease in demand for accounting jobs.

    Technology and the Internet have changed the processes of the accounting department. The Canadian Payments Association noted that paper cheques represented  87% of payment transactions in 1990, while electronic payments were a mere 13%. By 2010 these statistics were reversed. Paper payments represented 15% of transactions and electronic payments were 85% of transactions.  

    Computer automation has changed the complexion of finance and accounting. Although software automation has been around for decades, the cost and sophistication have made these tools accessible to even the smallest of businesses. Data entry is still alive and well, although new technologies have significantly reduced the effort. Electronic billing and payment systems have reduced cost while increasing efficiencies. The cost of paper cheques and the postage to mail them have been completely eliminated.

    The role of the accountant is now changing in response to computer automation. The role is adapting to that of financial oversight and management support. Today’s CPA is being educated about financial performance monitoring, audit controls, corporate governance and ethics. As the accounting department gains proficiency with its automation systems, the controllership role is able to provide strategic advice in regards to finance, business trends, and the financial performance of the organization. CPAs are quick to spot areas of the business that need attention due to under-performance (or even over-performance).  

    Does this really happen in small business? Well, yes and no. Small businesses have greater challenges. The personnel in the accounting department need training to upgrade their skills. The controller needs to have the support of management to raise issues that are potentially breeches of business ethics or breeches of governance policies. In small business, this is a serious challenge. It requires the commitment of management to fund training, and support the potential “whistle blower” without impacting the accountant’s career at the company. It also requires that wages are commensurate with the responsibilities of the role. There is a cost to supporting the modern accounting office. For some small business owners, it represents changing the way it perceives the role of the accounting function.  

    For government regulated industries, this change will be mandated, regardless of the size of business. For small business, it will take time. There is no argument that experienced accountants will continue to be invaluable advisors – and integral to the growth of small businesses.

  • The Forecast Calls For Cloud

    by Andrew Bates | May 04, 2016

    In a recent TV interview, I was asked whether “Cloud Computing” was just a passing fad or something that businesses should be planning for. I believe that a general move to Cloud-based computing is inevitable.

    In 2008, Nicholas Carr wrote a book called The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google in which he draws a convincing parallel between the rise of power generation in the time of Edison, to the growth of centrally delivered computing today. Long ago, factories had to be built near a power source, or had to construct their own and employ electrical engineers to keep it running. Once Tesla’s alternating current allowed the delivery of power from a generation source to anywhere, people stopped building their own power plants. I believe we will see the same evolution with computing. Why build and maintain your own network, when computing can be delivered on demand to anywhere on the planet?

    Softrak started talking about moving Adagio to the Cloud in 2014. As usual, we underestimated the effort that would be involved in the migration, but the platform went to Beta in 2015, and went live on January 1, 2016. We now have 7 organizations hosted on Adagio Cloud, six of whom have migrated from an on-premise deployment of Adagio.

    For me, the most interesting usage for Adagio Cloud was a First Nation running Adagio that did not have a local area network between their various administration buildings. They ran independent databases that had to be reconciled each month. However, each workstation had access to the Internet. Moving to Adagio Cloud allowed them to run a fully integrated Adagio setup, configured with departments instead of separate databases. Their monthly reconciliations disappeared. Their accounting is more reliable. And they had no additional infrastructure to be purchased.

    Not all Cloud-based implementations will be managed by Softrak. One of our largest Adagio users set up their own private Cloud service, hosted and maintained by a separate company. They have remote access to their centralized accounting from their various offices, and the branches themselves have almost no IT to maintain. Backups and Data Integrity Checks are centrally managed.

    Adagio Cloud is economical because resources are shared across many users: the site, hardware and operating system maintenance; the implementation and setup, including the disk storage and computing resource.

    I also believe that Adagio Cloud has solved some of the main objections that an accounting department may have about moving to The Cloud:

    1. Who controls the Data?
    2. When do I have to do Updates?
    3. What happens if I decide Cloud is not for me?

    I’ll talk about these issues in a future blog post.

    Andrew Bates

  • Creating an Extraordinary Sales Experience

    by Andrew Bates | Nov 12, 2015


    Last month, prior to my upcoming road trip, I had to admit defeat and realize the obvious – my waist size was not going to shrink enough in time for me to fit into my "skinny pant" wardrobe for the fall tour. That left me with one pair of already well traveled pants that were definitely not going to survive another 25 flights, hotels, and presentations. It was time to buy a new pair of pants!

    Off I went to my favorite store, Harry Rosen's at Oakridge Centre in Vancouver, where Dwayne Wakefield (my regular guy) showed me a selection of pants, of which only one pair were in my size and none of which were in my style. They'd have to be ordered in. "When do you need them?" Dwayne asked.

    "You're not going to like the answer." I said. "Saturday, for at least one pair of pants."

    "Okay. Come in for the fitting on Thursday and we'll see what we can do."

    Thursday evening I arrived at the store. "Where's your wife?" Dwayne asked. He knew she held significant sway when it came to my clothing purchases. "She'll be here in a few minutes," I said.

    "Follow me," he said. "I've laid out a few things to help you choose the pants".

    On a table in the back of the store were the four pairs of pants I had looked at earlier – this time in a size more likely to close at the waist. But there were other items on the table too – three shirts, three pairs of shoes, three pairs of socks and a jacket.

    clothing.display2"I wanted you to see the pants with some clothes you are likely to have. Every man has white and blue shirts in the closet, but I want you to see them with shirt of a more unusual colour. Also, you'll see that the shoes can be formal or casual, to dress the pants up or down. I didn't remember the style of the last jacket I sold you, so I chose another in a slightly darker hue."

    "Well," I said. "I bought a red shirt from here a long time ago and wore it exactly once."

    "Oh!" was the reply. "There's no benefit to me in selling you clothes you never wear. I want you to wear all the clothes you buy from here".

    "Ok", I said, "I'll humour you and try on the jacket." My wife arrived as I was slipping into the jacket and her opening comment was "When do they release the hounds?" I agreed. It looked like I was heading to a British fox hunt.

    But Dwayne already had another jacket draped over his arm. "Try this," he said.

    "Wow! That looks fantastic on you," was my wife's immediate reaction. I looked in the mirror and had to agree. The cut and colour suited me. I surreptitiously checked the price tag. The price was within my budget. Since I had earlier tried on a lovely jacket that turned out to cost several thousand dollars, I was relieved. While I appreciated the fine fabric and tailoring, the price was well outside my reach. Although I wasn't going to buy new shoes, I was curious and I picked up one of the shoes to have a closer look. It was nice looking and weighed half as much as my other dress shoes - an important consideration for airline weight limits on baggage. Fortunately, airlines are not yet weighing their passengers as they check in and charging for "excess poundage" of the passenger!

    andrew.bates"Okay. I'll take the three pairs of pants, the jacket and this pair of shoes. Now, is it possible you can have the pants ready for me on Saturday?"

    "Yes. If you'll give me till the end of the day." was the reply.

    So here is my extraordinary sales experience - I went to the store looking for one pair of pants, and left with multiple pants (to see me through my added girth phase), a handsome jacket my wife thinks I look great in, and a pair of comfortable dress shoes. Price was never discussed. No discount was asked for or offered. I made the purchase decision and made my own evaluation as to the value of the goods and service offered to me. I did not have to be sold. I only had to be shown the possibilities and I left with a smile on my face.

    I hope that all Adagio clients and potential clients enjoy the same collaborative approach when deciding the best "fit" of Adagio modules for their organization with the help of their Adagio Consultant. I hope they never feel that they were "sold" an accounting system, but that they were equal participants in evaluating the value and usefulness of everything we offer. And that they see the relationship with their Adagio Consultant as collaborative and not simply transactional.

    Only the customer can evaluate the value of the goods and services on offer.

    The pants and jacket were ready for pickup 10 am on Saturday.

    Andrew Bates

  • A Very Different Approach to the Cloud

    by Thelma Palma | Oct 23, 2015

    Cloud.croppedWhen we started to plan our cloud strategy for Adagio, we recognized that the traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) model had disadvantages for the accounting software market. Forcing everyone onto a single shared application meant that updates and upgrades were installed on the vendor’s schedule as opposed to the client’s. It meant that integration with 3rd party applications would be much more limited. It also meant that once you were operating in the cloud, moving back to an on-premise environment would be another costly migration project.

    At Softrak, we took a very different approach. Adagio runs in the cloud as a hosted solution. It maintains the same look and feel as an on-premise (or LAN-based) implementation. Click on the Adagio icon on your desktop and Adagio Cloud looks the same as its on-premise counterpart. The biggest advantage is that our customers may schedule the installation of updates and upgrades. This way, we don’t introduce changes to the software in the midst of a customer’s tax audit, or while the customer is trying to close their year-end. The customer is able to get the upgrades installed when there is minimal impact to the business. As far as we know, Adagio is the only cloud accounting product that offers this capability.

    In addition to frequent backups in the cloud, Adagio Cloud’s Datacare utility allows our customers to backup their data to a local storage device. The “offsite backup” for their cloud accounting can be in their own office! If there was ever a protracted interruption to internet connectivity, the customer could have its local Adagio consultant install the required accounting modules to a server and quickly get the accounting department back in business. Again, as far as we know, Adagio is the only cloud accounting product that offers this capability. And having the data in your office under your control removes any question about who controls the data.

    Unlike most of our competitors, Softrak is committed to maintaining its on-premise offering. We offer both on-premise and cloud, knowing that our customers want the choice. Internet connectivity is a problem in many rural areas of Canada and the United States. We want to provide great accounting software at an affordable price, and we don’t want to force our customers to the cloud if they are not ready.

  • Data Backups - Do You Have A Plan?

    by Andrew Bates | Sep 21, 2015


    Do you backup your data regularly? Is your backup on an external drive or cloud server? Do you even have a backup less than a week old?

    If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you could have a catastrophic failure waiting to happen.

    For one of our Adagio clients, the catastrophic failure came this past week. They were lucky. It could have been much, much worse.

    On Friday, October 24 at 4:45 PM, I got an email from the client that said:

    “Can you tell me what this is? It showed up in our Adagio folder on October 17, 2014.”

    What happened to your files?
    All of your files were protected by a strong encryption with RSA-2048 using CryptoWall 2.0.
    More information about the encryption keys using RSA-2048 can be found here:

    CryptoWall 2.0 is the second iteration of a Trojan virus that is commonly referred to as ransomware. The virus scans your computer and encrypts personal files on your hard drive and on any mapped network drive. The encrypted files are rendered inaccessible without the key. If you want the key, you have to pay the ransom, typically starting at $500 and going up exponentially the longer you wait. Your options are to either pay the ransom or have a computer security specialist remove the virus and restore a backup of your data that pre-dates the virus infection of your PC.

    The Register posted this article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/10/23/cryptowall_malvertising_outbreak/ which states that more “than 830,000 victims worldwide have been infected with the malware, a 25 per cent increase in infections since late August when there were 625,000 victims”.

    The client had anti-virus software running but it didn’t catch it initially. It somehow managed to get onto their shared drive with all of their accounting data and encrypted every known file type. We believe Adagio’s proprietary file type was the only reason it remained unencrypted. The client was very lucky.

    We managed to clean the infected machines and make new backup copies of the Adagio data. The client still lost all the PDF report files and all the MS Office documents stored on that drive. They had a mirrored backup that was basically an image of everything in real time. It was constantly being overwritten and therefore it was infected too. As a result, they didn’t have a proper archived backup. If the Adagio data had been encrypted, they would have had to restore from a backup we had taken on our last visit over a month ago. Could you imagine having to recreate all the work you did for over a month?

    Because of this incident, we proposed to the client a number of measures to protect themselves from future attacks. With today’s cloud-based backup options and the ability to automatically schedule tasks in Windows, there’s really no excuse to not have proper backups. It truly is “set it and forget it” technology now. Backup tapes and having to remember to bring drives home or to a safety deposit box are things of the past. But you’d be amazed at how many of our clients do not have a proper backup they can restore.  A lot of them may think they do. But very few of them actually test their backups periodically. Even fewer have offsite backups or a backup on a different device not connected to the network or computer.

    If you know someone that doesn’t have backups in place, please give them my contact info. We can advise on different options the client can use. And for smaller clients, there are less expensive options that should fit their budget. After all, they pay for insurance right? Backups are insurance for your data, to ensure business continuity when a disaster occurs. Encourage them to put this insurance in place now rather than after a catastrophe, when it’s too late.

    Dan Desautels
    Adagio Consultant and Reseller
    DezTek Solutions

  • Death of the Paper Check

    by Andrew Bates | Aug 05, 2015


    I predict that by 2017 that businesses will only issue printed checks when an unexpected situation arises that prompts the company to issue a manual check. A small supply of check stock will be on-hand for these one-offs. For regular payables “check runs”, e-payments will be the norm for businesses of all sizes and industries.  

    Between 2009 and 2012, US statistics show that check clearance volumes dropped an average of 9.2% each year over the 3 year period, and continues to fall at a significant rate. This statistic includes personal and business checks. A dozen years ago, banks used to transport paper checks via aircraft to central clearing centers. The cost and inefficiency led to the Check 21 Act, which allowed banks to use electronic images of checks rather than the actual paper checks. With advancements in payment technologies that enable services like wire transfer, debit payments, PayPal and Bitcoin, electronic payment has now become ubiquitous. 

    Most major banks and credit unions in North America offer mobile apps that allow consumers to deposit checks by simply taking a picture of the check.
    Small businesses that are comfortable with printed checks, and unfamiliar with the new technology for payments, are also grappling with the escalating cost of paper check stock and the rising cost for clearing printed checks through their bank. This is quickly forcing small business owners to reconsider employing e-payments over checks.In 2015, the paper check is still alive, but in a much reduced capacity than it was a decade ago. Ten years from now, a paper check will go the way of the rotary phone. Technology will continue to add convenience and efficiency to business processes such as payments.

  • Healthy Outlook for Accounting and Advisory Services

    by Andrew Bates | Jul 29, 2015

    up.sml_While the economy continues to sputter, with concerns about Grexit, bank rates and rising food prices, there are many indicators that things are improving. Housing starts in most large North American cities are up. Car sales continue to exceed 2014 figures in both US and Canada. Year-to-date, the NASDAQ Composite index is up 9.95%.

    Is the Accounting Services sector another bright spot? US accounting firm BDO USA reports 26% growth in annual revenue for fiscal 2015 (ended June 30, 2015). Its consulting and advisory practice saw a 51.4% growth. BDO has completed 13 acquisitions since 2012, which has also contributed to its $1.05 billion in annual revenue. Grant Thornton’s Interim 2015 Financial Statements also report a healthy increase in revenue half-way through its fiscal year. The need for accounting, tax prep, and assurance services never go away, regardless of what is happening in the economy. 

  • CIO Review Names Softrak Most Promising ERP Provider of 2015

    by Andrew Bates | Jul 14, 2015

    cio blog image 2

    Softrak was just recognized by CIO Review as one of 2015’s Most Promising ERP Solution Providers. CIO Review has online and print publications read by an estimated 140,000 CIOs and IT executives every month. In its July 2015 edition, CIOReview acknowledges that Adagio Accounting provides ERP that is priced and packaged for the small business marketplace. 

    Enterprise Resource Planning for a small company that assembles and distributes goods is very different from an enterprise ERP solution used by a large manufacturer. Further to this, the term ERP can cover such a broad spectrum of functionality that buyers are often confused by the acronym. These days, ERP usually connotes a solution with inventory management and order processing, in addition to the core accounting. 

    Some companies that sell (professional) services use ERP solutions. The enterprise resources they manage are their people rather than manufactured goods. Therefore, the payroll and time billing becomes the focus of their ERP world. Again, ERP covers a broad spectrum of functionality and price-points.

    At Softrak, we have been focused on the small business market, and have developed software that provides best-in-class financial reporting and audit controls. We are very pleased to be recognized by this highly regarded publication. It is validating to see Adagio recognized as providing ERP leadership for the small business marketplace. 

    Read the full article to find out why Softrak was recognized by CIO Review as one of 2015’s Most Promising ERP Solution Providers.


  • A Few Words as We Wrap Up AOC 2015

    by Andrew Bates | Jun 02, 2015

    aoc2015_event_night_adagiobysoftrakWe just wrapped up our 16th annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. This year’s event was held at the Westin Bayshore Hotel, on Vancouver’s spectacular downtown waterfront. We broke another attendance record this year. Our attendance was up 9% over last year’s numbers.

    There were numerous highlights. Our keynote this year was Ward Blatch of K2 Enterprises. He reviewed Microsoft Windows 10 in terms of features that accounting departments will appreciate. Ward also shared his insights into data security, and covered his list of potential threats to company data. He indicated the simple things we should all be doing to protect ourselves more effectively. Al Hahn, executive director at the Association of Support Professionals, gave a couple of presentations to our Adagio consultants on best practices in design of support plans and management of customer relationships. We showed our new Adagio Cloud product with Adagio Manager, an application that lets you decide when upgrades should be installed (a feature that particularly excited Ward). As usual, we delivered lots of instructional content to help clients become more productive and proficient in Adagio. There was time for some relaxed networking, with a glorious evening cruise around Vancouver’s Burrard Inlet and False Creek – with picture postcard views and perfect weather.

    I would like to thank all of you that attended and participated in the conference. I hope you learned something new, met some interesting people, and enjoyed yourself at the conference. We look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s AOC.

  • Reflecting on 2014

    by Andrew Bates | Jan 05, 2015

    happy-new-year-2015-fireworks-wallpapersLooking back at 2014, Softrak had some great “wins” this year.

    Starting at the beginning of the year, Adagio Accounting was awarded small business software of the year in CPA Practice Advisor’s annual Reader Poll. We were named alongside Quickbooks and MYOB as the best “installed” accounting application in the small business category. Sage was shut out of all categories. CPA Practice Advisor had approximately 4000 of its subscribers vote in its annual poll.

    Another success was our 15th annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. It was held in Las Vegas at the spectacular J.W. Marriott Las Vegas Resort. We had record attendance – up almost 25% over previous year - and all of our clients and partners enjoyed the experience.

    We launched our new Adagio branding and Softrak.com website last Spring. Although the new website was not without its bumps along the way, we are extremely pleased with it. The site is better designed to engage prospects and visitors that are unfamiliar with Adagio. Over 20 new “Show me how…” videos were added, increasing the availability of self-directed learning by over 50%. Half day training programs were offered in all the major metropolitan centers in Canada.

    This fall we launched our new Adagio Consultants Academy. This is a program to train new dealers and help reduce the learning curve.

    The end of the year saw the beginning of the 9.2A versions of Adagio being released, starting with Adagio Ledger. This upgrade signals a complete refresh of the Adagio technology platform, including a move to a current compiler and update to Crystal Reports 2013 for all the Adagio management reporting. The rest of the Financial Suite will ship early in 2015.

    Looking back at 2014, we signed up a large number of new clients, a couple of capable new dealers, and hired a few talented new employees. All in all, 2014 was a great year for Softrak. We wish all our customers, partners and supporters a prosperous 2015.

  • ERP … Do You Want Fries With That?

    by Andrew Bates | Oct 07, 2014

    French_friesI’m not sure exactly when it happened, but commoditization of ERP in the accounting software market seems to have rendered the term almost meaningless. The software category Enterprise Resource Planning has evolved over a couple of generations, as its definition has morphed for new and smaller markets (for industries outside of manufacturing). Software vendors and I.T. firms have misused the term and confused the market to the point that no one really knows what ERP is anymore.

    For companies that are looking to implement an ERP solution, the task is made more challenging. In a confused market where all the vendors claim to do the same things, you need to dig deeper and understand how the ERP solution’s features and functions map to your business processes and operational requirements. This can be quite a laborious exercise, but a necessary one.

    Secondly, the services firm that you choose to do the software implementation needs to have a level of knowledge and experience that is broad in scope. An ERP system typically encompasses accounting, HR, supply chain, distribution, and other areas, so you need to select a professional services company that can manage the automation of these departmental and cross-departmental processes. This is a big task that requires a very capable team. The firm also needs to understand how to roll out the software across the enterprise. Getting users trained and proficient, and gaining company-wide “acceptance” of the solution is an art and a science that is rarer than one might think. It is not for the faint of heart.

    I should clarify that Softrak’s Adagio Accounting software is not an ERP system. Adagio can handle the pure accounting and sales order processing requirements of a manufacturer, but we don’t provide the breadth of applications that would comprise a typical ERP solution. We focus exclusively on the accounting. That said, we are an interested observer of this space, and cringe when we see vendors selling ERP solutions for less than the price of their client’s monthly office coffee service. ERP buyers beware – and do your due diligence.

  • Record-breaking Attendance at AOC 2014

    by Andrew Bates | Jun 10, 2014

    AOC2014-333Jlt120KWe just wrapped up another successful Adagio Opportunity Conference. This year’s conference hit a number of milestones. We had our highest attendance numbers since Adagio shipped – up almost 25% over last year. Softrak celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014, and we pulled out all the stops to make this AOC a special one.

    We held the AOC in Las Vegas.  For the first time ever, we elected to hold the conference outside of our home turf in the Vancouver / Whistler area. We have a large customer-base in the United States. Knowing that Las Vegas is one of the most accessible and least expensive cities in North America for air travel, it made sense to choose it over other potential locations.

    We brought in a number of speakers to provide expert instruction, information and insights on accounting, e-commerce, electronic payment systems, and a variety of technologies and related services. Our advanced Excel workshops were a big hit this year.
    Our "event night" was also a special one. Softrak and our guests took over the Cirque du Soleil theatre at the Bellagio for a special performance of O. It’s one of those unique experiences for which Las Vegas is famous.

    Watch for video testimonials and photos from AOC. They will be posted in the next week or two. If you haven’t attended an AOC, you will want to make it a priority for May 2015.

  • Adagio Wins Reader’s Choice Award

    by Andrew Bates | Apr 07, 2014

    readers-choice-2014-tidied-imageAdagio Accounting was named along with MYOB and Quickbooks as the best client-side, on premise small business accounting software in CPA Practice Advisors’ 2014 Readers Choice Awards. Adagio beat out rival accounting products Sage 300 and Sage 50, neither of which made the list. Needless to say, we were surprised and ecstatic to see this recognition.

    CPA Practice Advisor is a U.S. based online and print publication. Its annual readers’ poll surveys over 4000 professional accountants and tax advisors in a long list of technology related categories. Published in the January / February 2014 issue, Adagio Accounting was awarded for the first time in the client-side, installed (on premise) small business accounting category.

    We can’t take all the credit for this accolade. We share this with our network of Adagio dealers that provide expert consulting, implementation and data migration services. Thank you CPA Practice Advisor readers.