Technical Support Policies

Technical support is available for all Adagio Accounting customers. There are 3 options for obtaining technical support. Below is a summary of each to help you choose the one that is most appropriate, depending on the seriousness of your support issue.

Adagio Consultant

Support Via: Phone, email, online

Softrak sells Adagio exclusively through authorized Adagio Consultants. These professionals keep abreast of updates and changes in the software. Many Adagio Consultants have a professional accounting designation. Support questions are often as much about accounting or business processes as they are about the software. Your Adagio Consultant has many years of experience in assisting businesses with accounting automation and can provide a spectrum of services, including support.

While Adagio Consultants typically bill for their time and expertise when providing assistance, their in-depth knowledge of Adagio and your business processes will often enable them to provide the fastest, least expensive and most direct method of getting your issues resolved. 

Softrak Technical Support Forum

Support Via: Online

Softrak's Technical Support Forum is free to use. Post a question and you will have one or more responses from Adagio Consultants and Softrak technical personnel to help you understand and resolve your support issue.

The forum is constantly monitored between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time on business days and answers are often posted in under an hour during that time. However, there is no guaranteed response time for forum postings. Off-hours monitoring of these forums is also done, but there is no certainty of a response outside of Softrak's normal business hours.

Softrak requires that your Adagio software be registered with us in order to login to the Support Forum or to call Softrak Technical Support.

Softrak Technical Support

Support Via: Phone, email.

Sometimes, your Adagio Consultant is unavailable to assist you in the timeframe you require. Softrak provides technical support by phone for end users on a Per Incident basis. Please contact Customer Service for pricing.

Adagio Accounting software can be purchased with an annual SupportPlus Plan. This option entitles you to free priority technical support from Softrak, in addition to all software Upgrades and Updates. Ask your Adagio Consultant if you are interested in learning more about this option.