10 Features Your Accounting Software Should Have

BLOG_STS_10 Features Your Accounting Software should have
A growth-oriented business needs accounting software that can manage vast volumes of data, organizational complexity, and multiple users. If your organization wants to grow and evolve, you should consider the following features....

Revenue Recognition for Construction Accounting

Revenue Recognition for Construction Accounting
Revenue recognition and accurate job costing adds to the complexities of construction accounting since typically every project is unique, and the cash flow depends on the nature of the business and the contract....

The key Aspects of Construction Accounting

Many vertical market software solutions have automated and simplified their customers' unique requirements, including the construction industry. However, the accounting needs remain complex, and the requirements for construction accounting reporting can be challenging compared...

Accounting Trends 2020

The demand for meaningful, insightful and accessible reporting is expected of the accountant more and more every year. The profession has become increasingly competitive, and the need to understand future accounting trends and the impact of digitalization is on the rise...

Are you a future-ready CPA?

Technology has revolutionized the accounting industry. The global business accounting landscape is experiencing an incredible shift toward automation and advancements. You might have encountered this shift already, and if not, it's sure to get your attention sooner than later. Technology won't immediately replace accounting...

Softrak Named Top Financial Reporting Solution Provider

Softrak was chosen as Top Financial Reporting Solution Provider by CFO Tech Outlook in its July 2018 edition. The article names Adagio as one of CFO Tech’s top 10 financial reporting solutions. CFO Tech Outlook is a US-based print and online magazine with a readership of approximately 50,000 for print, 600,000 for online.