Rentals For Adagio

Specifically designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment.

Ideally suited for the construction industry, Rentals for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment, where recurring billing and rental inventory management are crucial. For example: construction equipment, machinery, tools, scaffolding, fencing and forms.

You can expect seamless integration with Adagio Receivables, Inventory, Sales Analysis and Ledger. Invoices are automatically generated, printed and transferred to Receivables. The rental contract and invoice forms are user-defined.

Rental contracts can be open-ended with periodic billing of rented items, consumables or miscellaneous charges. The billing methods are versatile and capable of billing in advance or arrears, on different cycles and rates.

Adagio users will appreciate the common “look and feel” and shared functionality. For example, customer and item maintenance, contract filters and styles, data entry, reporting and backup functions are all similar to Adagio. 


  • Integrates with Adagio Inventory, Ledger, Receivables, and Sales Analysis. Adagio DataCare and Toolkit are supported.
  • Allows for equipment rental management.
  • Capable for sales of parts and supplies.
  • Calculates miscellaneous charges for shipping, handling and services.
  • Open ended rental contracts with recurring billing.
  • Invoices are generated, printed and transferred to receivables.
  • Performs versatile billing methods, including minimum charge, in advance or arrears.