Link2 FlowThru

A solution that allows you to allocate a large deposit into Adagio Receivables and Payables accounts within a single entry.


Designed for caregiving institutions, Link2 FlowThru will allocate a social support payment to a client’s receivable account while paying for their various services through their payable account – all completed from a single L2FT entry


  •  Eliminates the duplication of entries from Government, Ministry or Funding Agencies into Payables, Receivables and BankRec.
  • Allows you to allocate monies to Receivables, such as room and board, and to Payables, such as health and recreation benefits, in one single entry.
  • Eliminates the time spent tracking receipts, payments and reconciliation for individual recipients in manual spreadsheets.
    Allows batches to be saved as templates, which means recurring monthly payments can be processed with the click of a mouse, simply by changing the entry date.
  • All batches flowing to AR and AP come with clearing distributions.
  • Familiar Adagio interface makes for a smaller learning curve

Integrates into Adagio Ledger, Receivables, Payables and BankRec.

  • L2FT-2
  • L2FT-1