Toolkit For Adagio

Automating your Adagio Accounting has never been easier.

Toolkit for Adagio is a collection of utilities for Adagio, such as changing or combining GL accounts, customers, vendors and items. Overall, there are 32 functions, including 18 different number changers, where the most popular are the accounting, customer and item changers. For example, in maintaining your inventory, there are several functions to change the item format, clearing quantity or removing obsolete items.  

The Toolkit has the same “look and feel” as other Adagio products, with shared functionality. In addition, all current and prior versions of Adagio are supported. It’s easy to use and reliable, which, over the years, has made the Toolkit successful. 


  • Integrates with numerous Adagio Accounting products.
  • The ability to change, combine or copy codes. When codes are combined, the associated data is also combined, such as statistics, transactions and outstanding balances.
  • Allows you to change of all your customer and vendor codes to a new format.
  • An audit trail records all changes and can be printed in summary or detail.
  • With the Item Format changer, you can change the number of segments, rearrange or resize segments. For example, you can change a single segmented item into a multi-segmented item or vice versa.
  • The clear inventory function is useful if you wish to reset inventory levels or create a secondary I/C database. It’s also used to clear and remove obsolete items, quantity and costs.