Comprehensive application that automatically records your day’s activities and disbursements for direct batch creation

Adagio TimeKeeper's “easy to train” interface results in more accurate timekeeping by your staff and more accurate bills to your clients. Automatic batch creation in Adagio Time&Billing speeds the entire data entry task.

You control tasks that appear on your desktop, and can tailor the "start-and-stop" time-keeping buttons to your tastes. During the day, enter miscellaneous disbursements such as meals or mileage for complete expense accounting. Manually enter time worked away from your desk.

Use TimeKeeper for projects you bill clients, or internal project costing. Find out what consumes your staff time during their working day. TimeKeeper will automatically remind you if no project is recorded for a user selectable interval. This helps you make sure that all your time is accurately entered.

TimeKeeper automatically reads Standard Phrases and Dictionary Codes from the Adagio Time&Billing database to speed the entry of time descriptions. Record unlimited notes against a task and transfer the descriptions to the Work In Progress ledger. These comments may be edited prior to billing, or automatically appear on an Adagio Time&Billing invoice.


  • Windows-based pop-up that directly accesses Time&Billing client and project information.
  • Timers can be started without allocating them to a specific client or project.
  • Sits directly on your desktop for quick access, where a mouse click automatically creates and starts a timer; then fill in the details later, when you've decided the event should be recorded.
  • Enter disbursements prior to submitting your time.
  • Enter unlimited work descriptions, use the built-in spelling checker and automatically expand company defined abbreviated text.
  • Reset or delete tasks after submission.
  • TK-Edit Timer
  • TK-Timer List