Adagio Sales Analysis

Captures critical sales data at the detail level to allow refined analysis. 

Adagio SalesAnalysis integrates seamlessly with Adagio OrderEntry and Adagio Invoices, where data is automatically saved by these modules for Adagio SalesAnalysis to retrieve. SalesAnalysis is also able to scan your Order Entry, Order History or ACCPAC Plus Sales Analysis databases and retrieve data from them, so you won't lose a single transaction of history.

With online inquiry, define the fields you need to see and in which order. Numeric fields can be selected by date range, allowing side-by-side comparisons of MTD or YTD sales. Drill down to the detail from a summary view. Print out the results of an inquiry as a report or chart. Easily enter a customer or item range to quickly determine a single customer's recent purchases. Drop the results of an inquiry directly into Excel for further analysis.

Statistics allows comparison performance between different periods instantly. Find your average invoice value, largest customer invoice or credit note in any period. Compare data either by calendar range or fiscal range. Instantly calculate gross profit and margin.

Use the built-in utility to mark invoices as "Paid" from information maintained in Receivables to calculate commission reports on paid sales. Scan your other files to retrieve lost or damaged sales data. Edit your sale information directly to correct keying errors in the salesperson code or update cost information for profitability analysis.

Adagio SalesAnalysis ships with 15 common reports for your use, which is the ultimate in reporting power. Use SAP Crystal Reports 2013 or above to create your own specialized reports and place them directly on the Reports Menu in SalesAnalysis.


  • Online Inquiries allow quick lookups into the data by customer, item, salesperson, territory, category or item segment, alone or in any combination.
  • 15 floating date ranges allow analysis by date, without requiring the user to enter specific dates or change the dates for different periods.
  • Inquiry templates make looking up data as easy as clicking the mouse.
  • Inquiry results can be printed in summary or detail form, displayed or printed in popular graphic and chart styles, or even sent direct to Excel for further analysis.
  • SalesAnalysis can scan Adagio Invoices or OrderEntry data, or ACCPAC Plus Sales Analysis, Order Entry, or Order History data files to retrieve historical data.
  • Statistics, like average invoice value or largest customer invoice, make it easy to compare performance in different periods.
  • SA-Inquiry Template
  • SA-Statistics
  • SA-View Inquiry