Adagio FX Pro

The easiest way to create presentation-quality financial statements.

Adagio Ledger users can use Adagio FX to combine multiple entities in a single financial statement; let others access their own security controlled financial statements without allowing them access to change the underlying data; or integrate with entry-level accounting such as Simply Accounting.

Accountants, and users of Simply Accounting, who are frustrated with the format and presentation of their financial statements, can use Adagio FX to create presentation-quality financial statements, run comparatives by year or between companies.

The user has all the calculating power of a modern spreadsheet to create the "perfect" statement. Titles can be changed, columns can be formatted and the statement presented in detail or summary form, all at the click of a toolbar button. Rows and columns can be marked "hide when printed" to store comments or notes to the statements. Drill down from an amount in the statement all the way to the posted transaction detail to confirm entries. There is also a single click export to Excel, to allow easy e-mailing. 


  • Multi-column comparative financial statements.
  • Drag-and-drop account groups onto a financial statement spreadsheet.
  • Choose columns from MTD, YTD, Budget YTD, Quarter, Fiscal Half, etc.
  • Present statements in summary or detail form.
  • Drill down from an amount on the statement all the way to posted transaction detail.
  • Produce consolidated statements or span multiple years from separate entities using Simply Accounting or Adagio.
  • Related companies can be loaded into Adagio FX Pro for comparison statements even if they use different accounting software.
  • FX-Print Statement
  • FX-Edit Statement
  • FX-Retrieve