Adagio ChartView

Create an impactful presentation using graphical displays.

Adagio ChartView enables charting in Adagio GridView to create pie, bar and line charts from your accounting data. Use Adagio ChartView to easily create an Executive Information System or Dashboard display summarizing Key Performance Indicators for your management team.

Use Pie Charts to display percentages of a single total. Use Bar Chart to compare several values - sales by salesperson or revenue against expenses. Use Line Charts to display values over time - a simple way to expose trends in your sales or expenses.  


  • Chart information from multiple sources.
  • User selectable colors and chart style.
  • Automatic scaling of data.
  • Save charts to disk or copy them to the clipboard.
  • Display chart values by hovering over image.
  • Dock charts to optimize display usage.


  • chartview_large
  • CV-Dashboard