Payments on Orders

A practical solution that allows you accept any type of prepayment.

Payments on Orders allows a business to record and monitor prepayments made on a sales order. It uses a designated bank in Adagio BankRec to keep track of all prepayments on outstanding orders while simultaneously adding funds to your operating bank. 


  • Allows you to monitor and manage all prepayment details within your Adagio Accounting solution – eliminates the need to monitor deposit information in a spreadsheet.
  • Simple user interface will show the total number of prepayments and what their value is before processing.
  • Prepayment details reference the outstanding order by Order Number, Customer Name, and Order Date.
  • Designed to work with the Auto Match feature in Adagio BankRec so you will not have to manually match prepayments to outstanding orders.
  • Ensures your bank statements are always accurate and up to date.
  • Can be used as the link for importing your webstore orders into Adagio OrderEntry. Can also be configured to calculate and debit webstore transaction fees.

Integrates with Adagio OrderEntry and BankRec

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