Orders Link2 Jobs

A solution that allows you to allocate inventory to jobs

Orders Link2 Jobs will help any job shop that wishes they could manage the costs of their jobs all within their Adagio Accounting solution. It allows users to allocate items and their associated costs from Adagio Inventory to a job in Adagio JobCost by using Adagio OrderEntry


  • Simple user interface allows you to easily allocate any number of lines to phases and categories associated with your jobs.
  • Will not let you allocate items to phases or categories not associated with a job.
  • Uses Adagio OrderEntry to create a pseudo sales order to with a $0 cost for the purpose of reducing your inventory without charging any accounts.
  • After items are allocated in OL2J, it will produce a batch for Adagio Ledger that debits your job cost clearing account while crediting the account of the job’s category.
  • Can also be used to apply credit notes to a job.
  • Will transfer any comments entered in OrderEntry to the Summary Costs of the job if required.

Integrates with Adagio OrderEntry, JobCost, and Ledger

  • ol2j-1
  • ol2j-2