Adagio JobCost

The ideal and precise cost-tracking solution for construction companies, contractors, and service industries.

Adagio JobCost is a full-featured job-costing solution for the Adagio user, where it allows you to profitably measure and track all your jobs or projects, and accurately and automatically recognize revenue as each job progresses.

JobCost allows you to break down your projects into phases and categories. Six character codes for jobs, phases, categories and cost types allow flexibility in defining your project identifier. Further, completed jobs can be archived for review or re-activation.


  • Allocate expenses to a job when entering invoices in Adagio Payables.
  • Send revenue automatically from Adagio Receivables or Adagio Invoices, avoiding duplicate data entry.
  • Recognize revenue using any of 5 revenue-recognition methods:
  1. Amount billed and costs incurred to date
  2. On completion of job
  3. Percent completion of total cost
  4. Percent completion of labor hours
  5. Percent completion of phases/categoriesM
  • AIA Billing Worksheet report is included.
  • Change orders track authorized budget changes to a project.
  • Unlimited additional comments and a chronological note history explain job progress.


  • AJ-Job Estimate Report
  • AJ-Edit Job
  • AJ-Edit Job Estimate