Serial Numbers

Inventory management systems that’s efficient and simple.

With SerialTracker, manage your serialized inventory items easily and efficiently as the software traces serialized inventory from receipt to sale. Then, SerialTracker conveniently retrieves the sales order from Adagio OrderEntry and then records item serial numbers from those available for sale.

In CounterSales, select the serial directly from the sales screen during invoicing. When sold, items with serials are recorded in the serial history file with customer, vendor, sales details, and warranty information included for reporting or display. Transactions can also be recorded or edited directly; if a sales module is not available; or changes are required after the sale is processed. Historical serial transactions can be edited and imported from Adagio Inventory and Musick Serialized Inventory.


  • Integrates with Adagio Inventory and OrderEntry.
  • Easily records serial numbers of items in stock.
  • Scan serials or select them from the available list to assign them to Order Entry invoice lines.
  • Track warranty and vendor information on all items.
  • Supports scanned serial numbers during invoice processing.
  • View and print serial history by item, location, serial number or customer.