X Company

A solution for any organization that conducts intercompany distributions between multiple entities.


X-Company helps organizations pay invoices, receive payments, or transfer funds between or on behalf of any number of entities with different Adagio datasets. It ensures all entries are balanced and prevents having to keep track of these transactions with spreadsheets.


  • Allows users to access an entity’s chart of accounts while logged in to the paying/receiving company.
  • Uses the familiar Adagio interface to reduce training
  • Reporting within X-Company allows users to verify the distributions before posting
  • Uses the same batch numbering system as your Adagio module to prevent duplication of entries
  • Connect and link to any number of intercompany entities with a single entry
  • Compatible with Adagio MultiCurrency

Integrates with Adagio Payables, Receivables, Ledger and JobCost.


  • Xcompany-1
  • Xcompany-2