Adagio Payments

Adagio Payments enables online credit card processing and storage in Adagio Receivables 9.3A, Adagio Invoices 9.3A and OrderEntry 9.3A. Customer credit card information is automatically uploaded and vaulted to APS Payments to allow multiple credit cards on file and automatic pre-authorization, capture, sale, void and credit transactions to be processed with minimal operator intervention.

If you take credit card payments on a one-time or recurring basis for rent, membership dues or customer invoice settlement, Adagio Payments will save you hours of manual processing a month while maintaining full PCI-DSS compliance for your organization.


  • Adds online payment processing (credit cards) using APS Payments. Pre-authorize, capture, sale, void and credit are all supported.
  • Online Credit Card payments taken in invoice and cash batches. Recurring Charges function can take credit card payments.
  • Vaulting of credit cards for customers to provide PCI-DSS compliant credit card storage.
  • Multiple credit cards per customer. A credit card can be associated with Ship To addresses. Credit cards may be added "on-the-fly" and are validated prior to vaulting.
  • Miscellaneous customer available for one-time credit card capture.
  • Pre-Authorized Debits from customer bank accounts in Adagio Invoices batches (Canadian banks only).