Adagio Ledger

Adagio has integrated applications for managing the accounting needs of complex businesses.

Provides a complete, batch-oriented General Ledger with reporting functions. 

Adagio Ledger provides a complete departmental Chart of Accounts for Assets and Liabilities, Revenue and Expenses. Further, utilizing its batch transaction functionality ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger.

With setup and maintenance, Ledger has the ability for you to group your accounts by type for year-end control. Also, allows automatic reallocations set up of account balances to other accounts or departments.

Ledger also performs transaction entries and postings with ease and simplicity: post transactions in summary or detail format; date sensitivity ensures transactions are posted to the applicable period, or force transactions to a specific period in your fiscal calendar; have your next fiscal year open for budgets or transactions, concurrently with your current fiscal year prior to closing; provisionally post transactions to verify their impact on your trial balance prior to committing them; and year-end close automatically creates the correct entries to your Retained Earnings accounts.

In addition, Adagio Ledger is bundled with Adagio Financial Reporter.


  • Batch processing allows entry of large volumes of transactions that other starter accounting systems are incapable of.
  • Includes Adagio Financial Reporter, which is a comprehensive and easy-to-use application for designing your financial reports.
  • 6-character account and 6-character optional department, or division validated during data entry.
  • De-activate accounts or periods to prevent posting errors.
  • Check current account balances, current and historical net posted transactions by period, and budget amounts.
  • Budgets: 2 budgets can be maintained.
  • User-defined source journals to meet specific corporate reporting needs. 
  • GL-Source Journal report
  • GL-IncomeStatement
  • GL-Display accounts
  • GL-Reallocation