Fixed Assets

Accounting and electronic-document storage system with beneficial features.

Fixed Assets for Adagio is a complete asset-management system that’s ideal for any organization with critical record-keeping needs, such as maintenance and inspection records. The system is also great for organizations who wish to maintain a complete inventory of their Tangible Capital Assets, together with all associated documents for each item.

Fixed Assets can address numerous functions, such as automatic asset numbering; real-time posting of journal entries as assets are added, adjusted or disposed of; and partial asset disposals and reversals of disposals; to name just a few. 


  • Flexible asset handling that provides a single asset register for all individual assets within each of your organizations, organized by location, category and report group.
  • Easy-to-use capabilities such as automatic calculation of depreciation for all assets in each accounting period, master and sub-assets, fund accounting, tax accounting, insurance values.
  • Powerful options that include numerous depreciation methods, full and partial disposals, asset searches by serial number, vendor or PO number, etc.
  • Multiple reporting options such as Asset List, Asset Serial Number List, Depreciation Reports, etc.
  • More powerful features include notes, electronic documents, and photos inclusion to each asset record and stored within the system’s database in user-configurable folders.