Adagio Financial Reporter

Adagio Financial Reporter gives you presentation quality drag-and-drop financial statements with just a few clicks of the mouse. This spreadsheet based module is included with both Adagio Ledger and Adagio FX.

The Adagio Financial Reporter makes the creation of professional financial statements simple. See the Financial Reporter's interface by clicking the below thumbnail on the left; then see the results of that same statement design by clicking on the thumbnail on the right. 


  • Convenient start-up from within Adagio Ledger and Adagio FX.
  • Uses information directly from Adagio Ledger and Adagio FX.
  • Simple drag and drop functionality.
  • Includes the flexibility of a spreadsheet application.
  • Powerful formatting capabilities. Check out these sample statements.
  • Provides an unlimited variety of financial reports.
  • Drill down from any figure on the financial statement to the totals of the accounts included, then to the period totals, then to the details.
  • In Group View, describe your chart of accounts and drop the account range onto the financial statement. Then select the desired columns and the statement's designed.
  • With SmartSheet technology, the financial statements automatically adjust to accommodate new accounts added to the chart of accounts.
  • Comments and notes can be added in rows or columns which can be hidden when financial statements are printed.
  • Departmental financial statements can be selected and printed as a group.
  • Send financial reports, complete with formatting, to Excel® with the ExcelDirect button.
  • Users who only print financial statements are prevented from making unintentional changes to the design of the financial statement.


  • FR-Edit Statement
  • FR-Print Statement