Electronic Funds Transfer

Adagio EFT provides electronic payment functionality for users of Adagio Payables. Electronic Funds Transfer may be used for both system and manual check runs. Fax or email payment advices with remittance details to your vendors.  


  • Tightly integrates with Adagio Payables.
  • Payment method preference may be set on each vendor.
  • No change to processing sequence. Pay via EFT and physical check in the same manual check batch.
  • Fully customizable forms for faxing and/or emailing remittance advices.


Adagio EFT adds extended EFT processing to Adagio Payables for those clients wishing to use their traditional EFT provider. After choosing a specific EFT payment processing organization, users are prompted for specific information to complete the integration with Adagio Payables' check processing cycle. Forms can be created to fax and/or e-mail vendors your remittance information. Integration to the processing cycle minimizes training time, or the reliance on external applications.

Adagio EFT currently supports the following EFT formats:

  • Canadian Payments Association (CPA) Standard 005 (accepted by most banks and credit unions)
  • Bank of Montreal DEFT 80
  • National Bank of Canada (CPA 005)
  • Royal Bank STD152
  • Scotia 105
  • TD Bank 80
  • VanCity Savings (CPA 005)

If your bank is not on this list, have your Adagio Consultant contact us to find out the information we need. There is no additional charge for adding a single bank when Adagio EFT is purchased.


  • EFT-Bank List