Adagio BankRec

A centralized module that tracks your balances and lets you manage your cash position.

Adagio BankRec is the easy way to track your bank account balances in Adagio. Also, BankRec provides a centralized application to manage your cash position.

Numerous features include, determine your current bank balances with a single mouse click; pick up transactions from Adagio Payables and send cash receipts to Adagio Receivables; account for NSF checks in a single step; and reconcile all your accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger in minutes instead of hours.


  • Up-to-date cash balances maintained to monitor cash position.
  • Auto-apply cash to outstanding invoices in Receivables.
  • Drill down from a deposit to see the individual checks making up the deposit.
  • Automatically reverse NSF checks, accounting for bank fees and client charges.
  • Integration with Adagio Payables automatically retrieves all checks written in that module and marks cleared items during bank reconciliation.
  • Reconcile your accounts to your bank statements and Ledger in minutes instead of hours using auto-matching with your electronic bank statement.


  • BR-View Transactions
  • BR-NSF
  • BR-View Deposit
  • BR-Bank List