Adagio Payable

Ensures you spend less time sorting through vendor files and more time processing them.

Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management, where you can improve your cash flow by managing vendor accounts to maximize early payment discounts and speed up check production. As your business / organization grows, our Payables application will play an intrinsic role in your small-business ERP system.

Payables allows for setup, maintenance of record your vendor addresses, contact information, and use customizable optional fields for your vendors; group your vendors by control accounts; and locate vendor information quickly using Adagio Payables' customizable grid, or enter their 6 character vendor code directly.

Transaction entry posting enables management of early payment discounts automatically, and accurately allocate invoice expenses to multiple G/L accounts. Also, batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls; record invoices, checks and adjustments against vendor accounts; and match checks to invoices and maintain 1,099 amounts for year-end printing.

Reports and inquires are easily managed using Adagio Payables. For instance, double click on a vendor to put all their account information at your fingertips: contact information, account statistics and transactions, all in one place. Also, Softrak's SmartScannerTM technology easily locates vendors using their contact information, address, phone number or other remembered data. All reports are designed using Crystal Reports for Adagio, Softrak's custom report writer, so you may modify them if you wish. Plus, simple point-and-click inquiries, with drill-down to matching transactions and G/L expense account allocation, speed response to your vendor's questions.

Printing checks is user friendly. Adagio Payables supports multiple bank accounts, and its simple drag-and-drop check specification designer allows you to display the information you require on your check or advice. Also, you’ll be able to place your company logo and other graphic elements to add impact to your checks. 


  • Allows vendor inquiries on a single screen for contact, statistics, and outstanding transactions and G/L expense account distributions.
  • Fully customizable checks using drag-and-drop designer technology.
  • Vendor statistics allow you to identify your most important vendors.
  • Performs system and manual checks for one-time and recurring entries.
  • Distribution sets speed expense account allocation during invoice entry.
  • Tight audit control on check production increases your peace of mind.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) capabilities.
  • AP-Edit Vendor Activity
  • AP-Edit Vendor
  • AP-Edit Vendor Transaction