Webtelligence is a full-featured ecommerce solution that’s customizable and secure.

Webtelligence is a fully integrated ecommerce solution for Adagio that offers two-way integration from the web to Adagio, which allows you to implement a web store that addresses your specific B2B and/or B2C requirements.

Also, Webtelligence keeps your most important information secured and organized within your Adagio—giving you easy access to your inventory, orders, billing and customer profiles. 


  • Automate your system—leading to lower operating costs, elimination of duplicate data entry, and improvements to business processes.
  • Beyond cookie-cutter, pre-defined templates, allows for creation of custom shopping experience you want for your customers.
  • Fully integrated Webtelligence and Adagio means your Adagio data for inventory, orders, customer history and more are available directly from your secure web store.
  • Performs marketing and promotions management, cross-selling, marketing campaigns, time and date specials, loyalty programs, email a friend and more are all features that are included and can be implemented in moments with automatic expiration dates.
  • Online portal for your partners and customers that provides access at 24/7, from anywhere.