Docs for Payables

Paperless solution that organizes your invoices and vendor documents by electronically filing and linking them to your Payables transactions.

Documents for Adagio Payables is an electronic document management system with several filing options that enables you to implement a paperless office for your purchasing operations.

For instance, increase control over filing and approvals for electronic payments and checks using the Payments Control feature. Also, drill down from Adagio Ledger accounts to view associated Payables invoices on-screen. Export files in original formats, referenced to vendors and transactions, for auditors or regulatory agencies; and use add-on modules to store documents related to other Adagio modules.

No more searching through dusty old boxes or filing cabinets to find copies of invoices, leases or contracts. Give your accounting staff, management and auditors quick, easy access to documents.


  • Completeness Management ensures that all vendor invoices and credit notes have their images recorded.
  • No accounting or Adagio user expertise needed.
  • The Payments Control feature lets your payment-approver or check-signer view invoices on-screen, for system pre-check runs or manual check batches, either before or after posting in Payables.
  • File general vendor documents such as contracts, leases, quotations, price lists, and more into customizable folders by vendor.
  • All file types are supported, including spreadsheets, text documents, scanned PDFs and JPGs.
  • Multiple users can simultaneously access all documents, and multiple documents can be attached to any transaction.
  • Fully integrates with Adagio ePrint, enabling viewing of invoice PDFs from within Adagio Payables.