Forget your passwords- ArcPassVault is here. Fast and easy password manager for businesses of all sizes.

How do you currently manage your passwords? Taped to the inside of your top drawer? A note on your personal cellphone?

Your business doesn’t need to keep using haphazard and unsafe password management practices- this opens yourself up to the risk risk of security and liability issues. Why risk it?

Instead, securely store, use, and share passwords for all your accounts- anywhere, any time.




Encrypted Storage

Store your data in a 256-bit encrypted stronghold. Everything in the vault is encrypted with the login password you choose as the encryption key. No one can decrypt but you, and whoever you allow.

Easy login

Using the Vault extension, you can have one-click login for all websites. No need to touch the keyboard again, saving you time and energy.

Multiple Passwords

Create Chambers within Vault to add and share multiple passwords with your different departments. When an employee is added to that specific department and their associated Chamber, they get access to all their needed passwords.

Generate reports

Custom-formulated reports to quickly know who accessed which passwords, and when. Also, general infographic reports on various factors influencing your password practices, such as password strength, reusability, and more.

Password Ownership

Efficiently manage password ownerships. Create, transfer or acquire ownerships when people join and leave the organization.


A Peek into Perfection

A few snaps of the product interface for you to look into your future Vault.

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