IDP says Adagio the best option for Windows-based accounting

IDP is a leading provider of policy, claims and billing software for the Property and Casualty insurance industry, based in Wyncote, Pennsylvania. Established in 1949, IDP has been servicing insurance companies for more than 50 years. Karen Ruth is IDP's sole accountant and has been working as an accountant for 29 years. With all her experience, Karen was an absolute whiz with ACCPAC Plus's DOS interface. She could enter invoices in a blur of keystrokes.

But as the computer world changed, ACCPAC Plus did not.

When looking into the options available to upgrade from Plus, price and usability were big factors. And, Karen didn't want to spend months in learning unfamiliar new software. "I have heard so many great things about Adagio on," Karen noted. When she saw Softrak's Adagio suite of products in a demonstration, she was sold. "Adagio is well priced and easy to use," she concluded. Adagio is the only Windows-based accounting system that an ACCPAC Plus user can move to without having to convert their accounting data. It offers the speed and ease of use that experienced Plus users are used to. If you're familiar with the many shortcuts and keystrokes available in ACCPAC Plus, you can do the same type of fast entry work in Adagio, but you have the added benefit of being able to use a mouse to select any field at any time, without having to constantly tab through several fields. And like any Windows program, you can have many different windows open at any time and switch back and forth between modules.

Adagio allows Karen to print professional looking checks from Adagio Payables using their laser printer. No more need for paper forms or those annoying form feed printers! "I transferred all our check specs to Adagio from ACCPAC," Karen noted. That transfer couldn't have been simpler, thanks to Adagio's automatic conversion of DOS specifications. And now that IDP has converted their checks into Adagio's Check Designer format, they have plenty of flexibility to improve on their check specifications as time permits. With Adagio, IDP will be able to add graphics, such as IDP's logo, to their check stock for a more professional look; and they can consider using MICR encoding on their checks to save on check stock costs in the future.

As Karen at IDP says, "Adagio allows us a lot of flexibility." And that's exactly what Adagio was designed to do!

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"Adagio is well-priced and easy to use!" Karen Ruth, Accountant at IDP

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