More than 200 First Nations organizations rely on Adagio



With over 16 years working with First Nations communities, we have developed tools that are compliant with the accounting and reporting requirements for healthcare, education, heritage, social services, retail and business ventures all in one powerful and easy to use system. No matter how specialized your needs are, our reporting and importing features are flexible and can be made to fit your organization’s needs


Adagio Accounting fully integrates with Ferrus Computers' ASAP applications for Membership Management, Housing, Social Assistance, Children & Family Services, and other operational application designed exclusively for First Nations communities.

With Adagio, you: 

  • No longer need to worry about posting errors with our audit controls.
  • No longer need to manage functions and produce reports in spreadsheets.

Plus, it’s easy to learn and use and compliant with Federal & Provincial reporting requirements.

Adagio Ledger's powerful Financial Reporter allows you to produce exactly the reports needed to manage multiple programs effectively. It supports departments and even combined reports for related reporting entities. This enables all of the individual organizations in your community to record their financial transactions and manage their budget and accounts.


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