Technical Support Options

Getting the assistance you need

Here at Softrak, we want you to have a great experience every time you sit down to work in Adagio. That's why Softrak and its partners provide an array of technical support and training resources so that you get the help you need. Your dealer/consultant can help you decide the best type of support for you.

Adagio Consultant Resellers Adagio Consultant Reseller

Many Adagio Consultant Resellers have a professional accounting designation, because questions about implementation are often as much about accounting as computer technology. Your Adagio Consultant Reseller usually has many years of experience in assisting businesses with their automated accounting systems and can provide both training and trouble-shooting.
While Adagio Consultant Resellers typically bill for their time and expertise in providing assistance, their in-depth knowledge of Adagio and your business process will often be the fastest, cheapest, and most direct method of getting your issues resolved. If you do not have an Adagio Consultant Reseller, let us connect you with one in your geographical area.

Technical Support Forum Technical Support Forum*

A good, free resource for support is Softrak's Discussion Forums on the web. There are two forums: one for General Inquiries such as pre-sales questions (Can Adagio do ...?); the other for Technical Support – specific technical questions. Any registered user can search the Technical Support Forum (or General Inquiries Forum). Often you'll find that your issue has already been posted and answered.
If you, like most Adagio clients, are on a current Upgrades Plan, you may post your question on our Technical Support Forums; your question will be answered as resources permit. There is no guaranteed response time for this method, and as a result, it’s free. The forums are constantly monitored between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time on business days and answers are often posted in under an hour during that time.

Support & Upgrades Plan Support & Upgrades Plan

For unlimited technical support for one year from the Softrak Technical Support team, subscribe to the annual Support & Upgrades Plan. If you are on a current Upgrades Plan, we will credit the unused portion of the current plan. 

Incident Support Incident Support

Adagio users who want support from the Softrak Technical Support team and are not on a Support & Upgrades Plan must purchase a one-time Incident Support. The Technical Support Team will work with you on one specific issue until it is resolved for a flat rate. There is no charge if the reported issue is related to a program failure.
Please email for Support Plan pricing and/or to connect with an Adagio Consultant Reseller

* Technical Support Forum
You will need to register for the Technical Support Forum prior to posting your question:
Register and submit your information
  1. Be sure to verify your email address because you will be sent a confirmation email.
  2. Review of your registration will take up to one business day, and an email will follow when your account is activated.
Posting your question
  1. Begin by selecting a forum and a similar topic or use the Advanced Search located at the top of the page
  2. Join an existing discussion by selecting “Reply” or “Quick Reply” located at the bottom of each individual post
  3. Create a new discussion by selecting “New Topic” located in the upper left corner of the page
  4. Include ample information in your posts to ensure your question is answered promptly. There is no guaranteed time frame for a response, but you can normally expect a reply within one business day. For most questions, you will need to provide the name of the module, version-#, and date which you can find on Help | About of the Adagio module.

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