Technical Support Policies

Adagio Support

Note to Resellers

Resellers are entitled to free telephone access to the Technical Support Department. You can contact Softrak's Customer Service Department toll-free at 1-800-663-9798 or (604) 736-3741.

If you're not in too big of a rush for support now, please read on for details about the training and support resources available to you.

1. How to maximize the value of Adagio software

We want you to have a great experience every time you sit down to work in Adagio. That's why Softrak provides an array of technical support and training resources so you get the assistance you need.

Free options for companies on support and/or upgrades plans.

2. Customer Service Team

If you need help to decide the best way for you to get training or support for your system, please contact Softrak's Customer Service Team toll-free at 1-800-663-9798 or (604) 736-3741. Whether you want to be referred to an Adagio Consultant Reseller, need training over the web or technical support by phone, fax, email, or online, they can help you with information or registering your company for support plans.

3. Adagio Consultant Reseller

Softrak sells Adagio only through authorized resellers, called Adagio Consultant Resellers (ACRs). These professionals keep abreast of updates and changes in the software with weekly email newsletters and often attend Softrak sponsored training classes on Adagio, either on the web or at the annual Adagio Opportunity Conference. Many ACRs have a professional accounting designation, because questions about implementation are often as much about accounting as computer technology. Your Adagio Consultant Reseller usually has many years of experience in assisting businesses with their automated accounting systems and can provide both training and trouble-shooting.

While Adagio Consultant Resellers typically bill for their time and expertise in providing assistance, their in-depth knowledge of Adagio and your business process will often be the fastest, cheapest, and most direct method of getting your issues resolved.

If you have not already done so, make sure that you have a clear understanding of what support and services were included in your initial purchase, and what other services your ACR can provide at additional cost. Most ACRs bill on a time & materials basis while others offer annual support plans that include software upgrades and installation services as well.

For more information on Adagio Consultant Resellers please visit:
Adagio Consultant Reseller directory
Requesting an Adagio consultant contact you
Information on becoming an Adagio reseller/types of resellers

4. Technical Support Team

Sometimes, your Adagio Consultant Reseller will be unavailable to assist you in the time frame you require. That's where Softrak's Technical Support Team comes in.

Softrak provides technical support by phone for end users on a Support&Upgrades plan or Incident Support. There is no additional cost to you for the time the technicians spend to research and answer your questions. End users only on an Upgrades plan must purchase Incident Support.

How to get the most from Softrak's Technical Support Team

1. Check the online resources
The solution may be available online. Before engaging with our support department, please ensure you have asked yourself the following questions and browsed the following resources:

  1. Do you have the most recent version of the Adagio module installed? (select Help | About from the program's menu)
  2. Did you press the F1 key when running the Adagio module for helpful information?
  3. Have you checked the Adagio manual?

Online resources for using Adagio:
Technical Support Forum Your question may have already been asked
"Show Me How!" Videos and technical tips on basic Adagio Procedures
Product documentation Including new features, manuals, and change logs for current and past versions
Compatibility charts

2. Organize your question.
Before phoning, jot down all the pertinent details about your problem (including the specific version number and date of the Adagio module and any service packs) so you don't forget anything when asked to leave a complete voice message. Make a note of when you will be available for a return phone call with your answer from a technician or in case additional information is needed.

  1. Make sure you understand the problem.
  2. Is the problem repeatable? Does the problem occur on all workstations? Does the problem appear in the sample data?
  3. Is this a "new" problem?
  4. Did this function used to work correctly? If so, what software or hardware was recently installed on your computer? Have any procedures changed?

3. Gather your resources.
You, or someone in your office, must be able to navigate around Windows, and check various Windows settings and record them. You'll also want to be at your workstation with the phone.

4. Place your call.
Phone our technical support department at 1-800-663-9798 or (604) 736-3741. You will be transferred to Tech Support's voicemail to leave a description of the problem and when you can be contacted.

What you should know about solving your problem

The more complete your description of the problem, the more likely a technician will be able to provide an answer on the first call back.

Technicians monitor the Tech Support voicemail queue and usually return calls within an hour or so during business hours.

While some clients may think they have a "quick question", it might not be so quick to determine or explain the answers. That's why our technicians maximize their efficiency by prioritizing their responses to prevent a "quick answer" from being delayed by a more complicated support problem.

Calling about the same issue multiple times will not move your call up the queue.

When computer programs do not behave as expected, often the first step is to isolate the problem. Computer software rarely "just stops working" without some other changes having been made. Our technicians will need to know whether you have recently installed any new software or hardware on your computer. They also want to know whether the behavior you are seeing is repeatable, both with the sample data provided with your Adagio module, or your own data. In order to help diagnose a problem, it must be consistently repeatable.

This problem isolation process often requires you to perform certain functions and record the results. Do not ask our technicians to stay on the phone while you make these tests. It is not fair to the other clients needing support.

If you do not have the experience to ascertain the settings within the Windows operating system, you will need to pay a consultant, like your Adagio Consultant Reseller, to assist you. Softrak's Technical Support Team is not equipped to provide this type of service.

Softrak's Technical Support Team does not troubleshoot environmental issues regarding the installation of Adagio on an unsupported platform. We support Adagio under Windows Vista and higher. If you experience problems in another networking environment (for example Terminal Server, Linux server, or Citrix), then we will provide documentation about known implementation issues, but will not troubleshoot a specific site. Adagio has been successfully deployed in several large-scale Terminal Server sites by Adagio Consultant Resellers familiar with those environments. Softrak can refer you to an experienced Adagio Consultant Reseller if requested.

Most installation problems with Adagio in networking environments are caused by insufficient or incorrect rights being granted a user. Softrak technicians will assist in getting Adagio operating on a supported platform for the Administrator user only.

Our Technical Support teams require you to possess basic Windows navigation skills, and an understanding of following a list of steps and recording results. Our technicians will not stay on the phone with you while you perform a requested set of procedures.

In cases where the problem behavior of an Adagio module is repeatable at your site, but Softrak is unable to re-create the problem in-house, the technician may ask to view the behavior on your computer with a web connection. In order to provide the best assistance, you will need a high-speed Internet connection and be able to launch Internet Explorer. There will be no charge for this on-line review unless Softrak's technician discovers that a requested setting has not been made or a test result was reported incorrectly. In that case, the entire Technical Support incident may be billable on a time and materials basis at Softrak's sole option.

If you discover a function in Adagio that does not conform to the documented running of the program (a "bug" or "undocumented feature") and have verified it is repeatable in the Adagio sample data, please send a description of the problem by fax (604.736.6431) or email ( If the problem is not repeatable with Adagio sample data, we may need a copy of your data. A technician will contact you when time permits. There is no charge for troubleshooting an Adagio program "bug". In fact, we appreciate the extra effort our clients make to help improve Adagio!

Softrak's Technicians will:

  1. Assist when program procedures do not complete according to the program documentation.
  2. Determine workarounds when program functionality does not match its documentation.
  3. Tell you what specification code you need to use on an invoice, statement or other custom form.
  4. Troubleshoot formulas (Financial Reporter, GridView).
  5. Refer you to Softrak Customer Service for pricing and compatibility requests or to a qualified Adagio Consultant Reseller for module training.

Softrak's Technicians will not:

  1. Design a report, financial statement or form.
  2. Troubleshoot an installation on an unsupported platform.
  3. Stay on the phone while a sequence of problem isolating tests is performed.
  4. Train you on the operation of an Adagio module.
  5. Provide Windows training or assistance outside the Adagio module covered.

5. Free Technical Support Forum

A good, free resource for support is Softrak's Technical Support Forum.

There are two forums:

  1. General Inquiries such as pre-sales questions "Can Adagio do ...?"
  2. Technical Support - specific technical questions. Free to search and browse as a guest but posting a question will require that you are on an upgrades plan. Often you'll find that your issue has already been posted and answered.

The forums are constantly monitored between 8:00am and 5:00pm Pacific Time on business days and answers are often posted in under an hour during that time. However, there is no guaranteed response time for forum postings. Off-hours monitoring of these forums is also done, but there is no certainty of a response outside of Softrak's normal business hours.

Access to Softrak's Technical Support Forum is a good reason to subscribe to an Upgrades Plan or Support&Upgrades Plan for your Adagio module.

See also:

For questions and problems outside of the areas covered by Softrak's Technical Support Department and Softrak's Discussion Forums, Softrak sponsors, a free, peer-to-peer web site offering assistance on Adagio, ACCPAC Plus, ACCPAC Advantage and Simply Accounting. While registration is required for access to the site, there is no charge to register.

Softrak Business Partners and consultants from around the world do their best to provide timely and accurate responses. It is a great, free resource.