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Available Award-Winning Products

Adagio Cloud includes all of our accounting applications. To assist you in getting up-and-running quickly, we have a large network of consultants that can setup your Adagio Cloud, migrate data from your legacy systems, and provide training and on-going support.

Your accounting and management personnel simply require internet access to login to our products through Adagio Cloud conveniently from any authorized computers and devices, 24x7. Whether you are processing transactions in the office, reviewing quarter-end sales reports at home, or performing inventory stock-taking at a remote warehouse, our Cloud is your safe, reliable choice.

Affordable Pricing

Adagio Cloud is priced for cost-conscious businesses starting at $255 per month. The on-going costs are affordable and predictable from year to year. You may terminate the service at any time. Adagio Cloud is a convenient alternative to running your accounting system on a local- or wide-area network.

Hosting Services

Our Partners operate state-of–the-art datacenters throughout North America that ensure 24x7 service and availability.

Adagio Cloud environment includes:

  • 50 GB Storage: additional space available for purchase.
  • Adagio Manager: for managing companies, users, applications, security, updates and upgrades.
  • Adagio Datacare: for running automated data integrity checks and on-demand backups.
  • OpenOffice (Optional): subscribe to Office 365, or use your existing MS Office locally.

Adagio Cloud Datacenters are equipped with advanced security, hardware and software to ensure your data is private and safe. The physical premises are also secured and reinforced.

Your Adagio Cloud environment is backed up daily and weekly to provide you with a total of 15 backups at all times with 10-daily and 5-weekly backups. In addition to this backup regiment, you may use Datacare to do your own backup in the cloud, and then transfer the zipped backup to your local workstation.

Adagio Products Includes:
Core General ledger, financial reporter, accounts payable and bank reconciliation
Invoicing Accounts receivable, invoices
Orders Accounts receivable, order entry, service invoicing, CRM / quote management, RMA processing, sales analysis
Inventory Inventory control, including bill of materials and purchase orders
Costing Job costing and purchase orders
MultiCurrency Enables foreign-currency capability
Reporting Gridview, Chartview and FX Pro

Adagio Cloud in the Field

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