New features by version in Adagio Invoices

Adagio Invoices 9.2A 2017-08-30 (Aug. 30, 17)

    ·    Compatible with Ledger 9.2A Retrieve Subledger Batches function, allowing separation of subledger batches by Batch Number.

    ·    Edit / View Customers functions support new features in Receivables 9.2A customers.

    ·    Credit notes support option to apply the before tax total to discount base.

    ·    Added an option to print a General Ledger Distribution Summary on batch listings.

    ·    Posting Journals can no longer be cleared after printing. This avoids accidental clearing. Posting Journals are cleared at year end.

    ·    Adagio module toolbar allows one click launch of an Adagio module.

    ·    Reports have been converted to Crystal Reports 2013, greatly improving the export to Excel.

    ·    Added invoice specification codes for totals in home currency and other new codes.

    ·    Grids may be \\\"banded\\\" with a User Selectable color and banding frequency. Banding may be chosen to replace Grid Styles by user.

    ·    Edit grids display the total number of records, as well as a count of the displayed records when a Filter is active.

    ·    Logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.1A | 2014-10-16 (Oct. 16, 14)

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio Invoices 9.1A (2013.11.29)

    New Features

       Multi-user record locking has been significantly improved. Post a batch while other users are editing different batches. Post batches while other users are editing batches in Adagio Receivables. Post while other users are editing customers.

       Supports Automation when Adagio Console is installed. Automation allows you to automate many functions in Adagio Invoices.

       Adagio ePrint users can view a PDF of invoices and credit notes in the history function, the Item Inquiry and the Edit/View Customer functions. Attach a PDF document when emailing, faxing or printing documents.

       Supports the Preferred Send Method on the Invoicing tab in the customer added in Receivables 9.1A.

       Supports the Specific Due Date terms added in Adagio Receivables 9.1A, allowing a due date to be any date in the future.

       Auto-assign the check number for payments when copying batches and entries, and when importing batches.

Version 9.0B | 2011-11-02 (Nov. 2, 11)
9.0B release notes
What's new in Adagio Invoices 9.0B - Whats new in version 9.0B! Video demonstration of 9.0B

       Report Favorites allow saving Reports with specific options chosen.

       Report Sets allow the grouping of Report Favorites into a single print job that will run unattended, and may be launched from a command file. A log is generated that records the printing status of each report in the set. Use Report Sets to automate the printing of all your month end reports.

       Supports Adagio ePrint and print to the AdagioPDF printer driver.

       Optionally prints accounting or customer copies of invoices and credit notes to PDF.

       Supports the 'Send to BankRec' option in Payment Methods added in Receivables 9.0B (2011.07.27) when posting invoices with payments. Allows explicit control on a bank-by-bank basis whether cash transactions flow to Adagio BankRec.

Version 9.0A | 2011-03-17 (Mar. 17, 11)

  • Compatible with Windows 7, including MAPI interface to Outlook.

  • File | User Preferences menu added to control program appearance and menu bar. Supports implied decimal entry and SmartFinder auto-advance. User can set and save their own desktop color. The program and menu toolbar icons have been updated.

  • The ExcelDirect button has been added to many grids to allow single click export of information to an Excel spreadsheet. A progress bar and Cancel button has been added where exports may take longer than originally anticipated. The button may be configured to created a CSV file and load an alternate application on workstations where Excel is not installed.

  • Import / Export is now completely template driven. You can define the layout of the external file to read and write, greatly simplifying the import of invoice information into the program. At its simplest, an import file can consist of a customer code and repeating rows of item number and quantity to generate a complete invoice. Payment information can also be included on an import. Imports can be automatically processed on application startup, greatly simplifying the integration with external applications. Export / Import now only supports Excel and text file (CSV, PSV, TSV) formats. Import errors are now recorded in a log file.

  • Invoices 9.0A now fully supports all the additional features of Adagio Receivables V9.0A, including formatted addresses for customers and ship-to locations with larger entry fields for the address information. Departmental overrides for revenue from the customer territory or ship-to are also supported.

  • When copying items, you are immediately placed in "Edit mode" for the newly created item. A company profile option allows you to choose which tab is initially displayed when an Invoice is being created or edited.

  • Statistical units from sales will be passed to the general ledger account if that feature is turned on in Adagio Ledger V9.0A. Customers can be located by name, phone number or document number during batch entry by clicking the "Find" button.

  • When integrated with Adagio JobCost, Adagio Invoices allows different phases and categories of a job to be credited with revenue from different line details of an invoice. You can now automatically generate retainage invoices based on the amounts that are now due.

  • You can request a warning be displayed if a credit note is issued for an invoice for which a credit note has already been created.

  • User ID, Date and Time stamps are now maintained for all batches and transactions.

  • You can now press F7 to spelling check all text fields on the text tab and detail screen.

  • You can now print invoices and credit notes to a file as a PDF, rich text (RTF) or plain text (TXT) document. Memo fields can be printed in a mono-spaced font (such as Courier) to preserve character spacing. A company profile option (on the System Options) can be set to make this the default behavior. You can choose to print amounts on credit notes as negative amounts if this makes it clearer to your customers.

  • Restoring an invoice from history now allows updating some or all of the fields on an invoice. The update can be restricted to the address fields, or broadened to include pricing and tax information.