New features by version in Adagio BankRec

Adagio BankRec 9.2A 2017-07-20 (Jul. 20, 17)

9.2A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.2A! What's new in Adagio BankRec 9.2A

    ·    Compatible with future release of Adagio Payables 9.2A.

    ·    The Deposit Date for Deposit-Only batches is used in GL transactions, allowing easier reconciliation from Ledger to BankRec.

    ·    The Deposit Date for Deposit-Only batches is automatically updated to the latest date when you edit an existing batch, retrieve and append a batch, and when importing batches.

    ·    For multi-currency databases, foreign currency banks can have a different Rate Type for deposits and payments.

    ·    Fully compatible with the new feature in the Ledger 9.2A Retrieve Subledger Batches function, allowing separation of subledger batches on retrieve by Posting Sequence or Batch Number.

    ·    Supports new ‘Batch by entry’ option in Payment Methods in future 9.2A version of Receivables when receipts are retrieved, creating a new deposit batch for each receipt.

    ·    Reports have been converted to Crystal Reports 2013, greatly improving the export to Excel.

    ·    Adagio module toolbar allows one click launch of an Adagio module.

    ·    Grids may be "banded" with a User Selectable color and banding frequency. Banding may be chosen to replace Grid Styles by user.

    ·    Edit grids display the total number of records, as well as a count of the displayed records when a Filter is active.

    ·    Account Filters can now be displayed in Style Priority sequence.

    ·    Adagio BankRec now logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 8.1E | 2013-11-27 (Nov. 27, 13)
8.1E release notes
 - Whats new in version 8.1E! Video demonstration of 8.1E

    §Improved Auto-matching Rules allow explicit control of which transactions are available to be automatically matched during account reconciliation. Prevent old transactions from being considered. Allow post-dated items to clear. Insist on a check number match for payments.

    §Directly update Adagio Payables Check Reconciliation when your Adagio BankRec reconciliation is posted. Now you don’t need to post the pending items in Payables to generate the necessary clearing transactions.

    §Change the Last Statement Date when an account reconciliation is inadvertently posted with the incorrect date. The Opening Balance on an account is now available for editing until a reconciliation has been posted.

    §Alphanumeric Check numbers are now supported.

    §View document (Invoices and PurchaseOrders) PDF’s if Adagio ePrint is installed.

    §Print Report Sets directly from the Toolbar.

Version 8.1D | 2011-11-08 (Nov. 8, 11)
8.1D release notes
What's new in Adagio BankRec 8.1D - Whats new in version 8.1D! Video demonstration of 8.1D

       Report Favourites allow saving Reports with specific options chosen.

       Report Sets allow the grouping of Report Favorites into a single print job that will run unattended, and may be launched from a command file. A log is generated that records the printing status of each report in the set. Use Report Sets to automate the printing of all your month end reports.

       Supports Adagio ePrint and print to the AdagioPDF printer driver.

       You can now retrieve reversed checks from Payroll.

       Use the 'Append by type' option for Payment Methods in Receivables 9.0C to separate out the checks drawn on the depositor’s (your) bank and checks drawn on other banks. It also allows you to separate checks and EFT payments of the same date for the same bank.

       New program icon and toolbar buttons provide a cleaner look and differentiate this new version visually.

Version 8.1C | 2011-05-12 (May. 12, 11)

    • Auto transferring”Bank accounts automatically generate a bank transfer from another bank to zero balance the account after a batch is posted. This allows easy handling of EFT payments or deposits which appear in your operating account as a single entry, but are processed in Adagio as multiple entries. Examples of this are EFT payments through TelPay or credit card deposits. The automatic transfer can calculate fees such as credit card merchant fees and automatically debit an expense account with the correct amount.

    • Statement Rules now define the entries required for unmatched statement items on imported statements. Create rules based on transaction description, amount, reference or date to automatically assign an imported statement item to a vendor, customer, or general ledger account. Distributions can be selected to automatically break out tax credits from the amount imported. Use this facility to automatically distribute credit card expenses to your vendors and/or expense accounts. Drive accounting entries back from the imported statement into Adagio automatically to handle credit card expenses, account pre-authorized debits or EFT transfers.

    • Back dated Reconciliation reports can be printed “As of…” any date.

    • Many-to-many matching is now supported during reconciliation, including “clear with error”.

    • User Preferences have been added to allow personalization of report settings, desktop appearance and some program features including an option to alphabetically sort field names in the Filters, the Grid Column editor and Statement Rules.

    • Styles and Filters can be applied to transactions in the View Transactions grid. Styles and Grid Filters for customer and vendor grids are supported in the Customer and Vendor edit and inquiry functions.

    • An ExcelDirect button has been added to many grids, allowing single click export of useful information to Excel.

    • Edit Customer and Edit Vendor functions have been added. Customers and vendors can also be edited from within batch entry.

    • Added a Find button for Payments in batch entry to allow you to locate a vendor by entering their name or telephone number (Payables 8.1B or higher).

    • Supports the ‘Active’ flag in customers in Receivables 9.0A and higher. Grids and finders can optionally be set to hide inactive customers.

    • You can now choose the effective date of a reversed item to be either the date of the item or the session date.

Version 8.1B | 2009-05-14 (May. 14, 09)

  • Compatible with Adagio Receivables 9.0A and earlier versions. The Customer Inquiry functions support the new features in the Customer in Adagio Receivables 9.0A wherever possible. Function specific alerts will "pop" if specified.

  • Payments entered in Adagio Receivables (and cash applied to invoices in Adagio Invoices and Adagio OrderEntry) may be sent directly to Adagio BankRec and added to an existing batch or forced into a new batch.

  • The Adagio log on process has been improved. The user can be identified through their Windows authenticated user ID using the “remember user name” and “remember password” options on the log in dialog. The Previously Opened database list is now saved by Adagio User rather than for all users. The Previously Opened list also displays the date the data was last accessed by the user.

  • Date entry has been improved by recognizing a single number as a day and defaulting the month and year of the entry. Four digit numbers default the year. Entering “12” into the date control with the sign-on date being Feb 26, 2008 will result in February 12, 2008 being returned to the application.

  • Adagio BankRec will optionally create a backup of related data whenever a Data Integrity Check completes without errors. Adagio BankRec will always create a backup of a database prior to applying any “fix” as a result of the “Rebuild” option being selected to repair damaged data. Backup details are written to the log file.

Version 8.1A | 2007-09-22 (Sep. 22, 07)

  • You can now print, fax and/or email receipts. Receipts can be printed from the batches list, the batch entry grid or when editing an entry. Receipt history allows receipts to be reprinted. A receipt specification designer is now included. Standard Adagio fax and email functions have been added. The sample data has been updated to include sample receipt specifications.

  • A Bank Reconciliation Worksheet report was added. It shows the statement date and balance per the bank, a list of pending and posted debit transactions (deposits, receipts, interest) is added, and list of credit transactions (checks, service charges) is subtracted. A separate section is included for transactions cleared with error.

  • Import your bank statements and reconcile your bank account electronically. Adagio BankRec supports multiple import formats including Open Financial Exchange (OFX) and user-definable CSV layouts. Match multiple transactions in either "direction". Automatically create a batch from remaining electronic entries.

  • SmartFinder can now search on multiple criteria. Select up to five separate rules using "AND", "OR", "AND NOT" and "OR NOT" conjunctions between rules. Use SmartFinder to easily create mailing lists and simple reports. Sending a SmartFinder result list to Excel has been improved, with better formatting of dates and numbers.

  • You can import check batches from external sources, such as the integrated Payroll programs.

  • Post transactions as reconciled. Speed entry and reconciliation of bank service charges.

  • A Cash Flow report has been added to assist in cash planning. Forecast cash shortages and surpluses by aging Receivables, Payables and estimated payroll amounts on a single report to determine expected cash position.

  • Reverse checks without having to post a reconciliation.

  • Many important user interface improvements have been made. F2 edits the currently selected record. F6 automatically launches SmartFinder. The Windows Calculator can be added to the toolbar under User | Options. The date of the last integrity check is shown on the status line.

  • GridView users can add Views to the Inquiries menu by copying the Workspace and all its Views into the BRWINViews subdirectory. Workspaces copied into a directory with the same name as a security Group will only be available to members of that Group.

  • The Active Users function, in the Help menu, lists the users and applications they have open for the company you have open.

  • Multi-currency is now fully supported. Adagio MultiCurrency is required and must be installed.