New features by version in Adagio SalesCQ

Adagio SalesCQ 9.2A 2017-02-21 (Feb. 21, 17)

    ·    Adagio SalesCQ is now available on Adagio Cloud.

    ·    Added 9.2A standard features including enhancements to grids and filters, Adagio toolbar, Application log, and much more...

    ·    Adagio ePrint users can view PDFs of quotes from the Edit Quotes list. View PDFs of documents from customer, prospect, item, quote and order edit/view functions.

    ·    Existing quotes for Prospects are updated to the Customer when quotes are transferred to Adagio OrderEntry.

    ·    Changes Location in details when Location is changed on quote header or when creating / copying quotes from other documents.

    ·    ‘Permit transfer of quotes’ option prevent users from transferring quotes to orders in OrderEntry.

    ·    Support Preferred send method in customers / prospects when printing quotes.

    ·    Supports Automation when Adagio Console is installed.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 8.1C | 2015-02-26 (Feb. 26, 15)
8.1C release notes
What's new in Adagio SalesCQ 8.1C - Whats new in version 8.1C! Video demonstration of 8.1C

    New Features

       User Preferences function allows you to set options by user to tailor the appearance and behavior of Adagio SalesCQ screens and reports.

       Styles and Filters are available to display Quotes and Prospects in different colors and Filter records that meet specific criteria. Customer and Item Styles and Filters are supported.

       Report Favorites allow saving Reports with specific options chosen.

       Report Sets allow the grouping of Report Favorites into a single print job that will run unattended, and may be launched from a command file. A log is generated that records the printing status of each report in the set. Use Report Sets to automate the printing of all your month end reports.

       Supports Adagio ePrint and printing to the AdagioPDF printer driver.

       New program icon and toolbar buttons provide a cleaner look and differentiate this new version visually.

       Cost use and display on quotes has been improved and simplified.

       Extended Cost, Profit and Margin fields added to quotes.

       Easily Re-cost quote details or entire quotes.

       Ship-to addresses can now be added "on the fly" entering quotes.

       Locate items by Item Description in quote entry.

       Added many new quote specification codes.

Version 8.1B | 2011-03-18 (Mar. 18, 11)

  • Fully compatible with Windows® 7. Supports MAPI email interface to Outlook and other mail clients on Windows 7.

  • Compatible with Adagio Receivables 9.0A and earlier versions. Customers can be located by code, name or telephone number. Inactive customers can be suppressed from the selection Grids. Territory and salesperson codes can be overridden from the Ship-to file in Quote entry.

  • The Customer and Prospect functions include the new features in the Customer in Adagio Receivables 9.0A wherever possible, including multiple contacts / shipto addresses per prospect.

  • The quotes grid can be sorted to show the most recent quotes at top. The Edit Quotes function includes many of the new features in the edit orders funciton of OrderEntry. Quote dialogs are now sizeable.

  • You can Import Scan Lists and Prospect Notes.

  • The ExcelDirect button can now be configured to create a CSV file and launch any application to load the resulting file. This allows the use of a spreadsheet application other than Excel, although there is no formatting available for the loaded file.

  • The Adagio log on process has been improved. The user can be identified through their Windows authenticated user ID using the Remember user name and Remember password options on the log in dialog. The Previously Opened database list is now saved by Adagio User rather than for all users. The Previously Opened list also displays the date the data was last accessed by the user. You can select specific forms to open to run on application start-up.

  • Date entry has been improved by recognizing a single number as a day and defaulting the month and year of the entry. Four digit numbers default the year. Entering "12" into the date control with the sign-on date being Feb 26, 2008 will result in February 12, 2008 being returned to the application.

  • Adagio SalesCQ will optionally create a backup of related data whenever a Data Integrity Check completes without errors. Adagio SalesCQ will always create a backup of a database prior to applying any fix as a result of the Rebuild option being selected to repair damaged data. Backup details are written to the log file.