New features by version in Adagio OrderEntry

Adagio OrderEntry 9.2A 2016-07-07 (Jul. 7, 16)

9.2A release notes
 - Whats new in version 9.2A! What's new in Adagio OrderEntry 9.2A

    ·    Adagio module toolbar allows one click launch of an Adagio module.

    ·    Reports have been converted to Crystal Reports 2013, improving the export to Excel.

    ·    Grids may be "banded" with a User Selectable color and banding frequency.

    ·    Edit grids display the total number of records, as well as a count of the displayed records when a Filter is active.

    ·    Logs user activity within the module. Audit logs may be viewed with GridView.

    ·    Code 39 barcodes can be printed on Picking Slips.

    ·    Supports Adagio RMA 9.2A add-on module.

    ·    Payments can now be entered on credit notes.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 8.1F | 2015-02-27 (Feb. 27, 15)
8.1F release notes
 - Whats new in version 8.1F! Video demonstration of 8.1F

    New Features

       Adagio ePrint users can view a PDF of invoices and credit notes from document entry, inquiry and history functions. Also view from Item History Inquiry on Pricing Grid, Customer Edit/View, and Item Inquiry.

       Attach a PDF document when sending documents, such as shipping / customs instructions or product literature.

       Allows you to automate functions when Adagio Console is installed, including importing, printing reports and forms, day end, backup and integrity check.

       Supports Specific Due Date terms added in Adagio Receivables 9.1A.

       Double click on the Qty On Hand to select a Location to ship from.

       Automatically print a Picking Slip and/or an Order Confirmation when an order is posted.

       Print ranges of documents by the Preferred Send Method in the customer.

       The Help | About function now has a Consultant tab showing the contact information for your Adagio consultant.

Version 8.1E | 2013-03-22 (Mar. 22, 13)
8.1E release notes
What's new in Adagio OrderEntry 8.1E - Whats new in version 8.1E! Video demonstration of 8.1E

       Report Favorites allow saving Reports with specific options chosen.

       Report Sets allow the grouping of Report Favorites into a single print job that will run unattended, and may be launched from a command file. A log is generated that records the printing status of each report in the set. Use Report Sets to automate the printing of all your month end reports.

       New options Ask Print OK after forms print? and Close forms dialog after print? allow you to customize form printing.

       New program icon and toolbar buttons provide a cleaner look and differentiate this new version visually.

Version 8.1D | 2011-09-29 (Sep. 29, 11)

    • Filters and Styles have been added to automatically select and sort Orders, Invoices or Credit Notes that meet specific user defined criteria. Filters can be applied to either current or historical documents and are automatically refreshed when a document is copied to the history file. Separate filters are available for each document type and may be either public or private. Filters can compare document fields against a constant (Order value > $10,000), against another document field (ship date > expected ship date) or, in the case of date fields, against a "floating date" (expected ship date = tomorrow). Documents that meet a Filter's criteria can have a display Style automatically assigned to them so that they are highlighted on the Grid. For example, all orders expected to ship tomorrow could be displayed in green. Grid settings are now stored by user, company and filter selection.

    • A User Preferences menu has been added that allows user to set their own background desktop color, image or text. Users can elect to have implied decimal entry (across all Adagio modules) for currency amounts and have the field lists for the Grid editor and Filter definition sprted alphabetically. Report settings can be remembered and may include or exclude the field selection ranges.

    • Optional fields have been significantly improved, with the addition of data validation tables that apply across modules. Users may add entries on the fly, or be forced to select an entry from a restricted set of values. Text data can be limited as to length and case.

    • Forms (invoices, order confirmations, picking slips, packing slips and credit notes) can now be printed to file as plain text (TXT), rich text (RTF) or PDF documents.

    • When viewing an order, a check box will hide completed lines on the order, making it simple to update ship quantities on partially shipped orders.

    • The spelling checker (F7) is now active in Comment and Instruction lines and Texts.

    • Special Price Lists can now be updated using Import/Export templates.

    • Unique payment numbers can now be generated on the Edit Payment Distribution screen. This simplifies payment via credit card.

    • Shipto Addresses may now be added "on-the-fly" when entering an order.

    • When Adagio BoM (Bill of Materials) is installed, you may elect to have OrderEntry automatically build an item if insufficient quantity of the master item is available to ship when day end is performed.

    • Supports Adagio ePrint and print to AdagioPDF.

    • Optionally prints accounting or customer copies of invoices/cn's to PDF.

Version 8.1C | 2010-05-07 (May. 7, 10)

  • This release provides full compatibility with Adagio Receivables V9.0A, including support for extended features such as credit check bypass on terms, function specific alerts and integration of cash receipts with Adagio BankRec. Customers can be located by code, name or telephone number. Inactive customers can be suppressed from the selection Grids. Territory and salesperson codes can be overridden from the Ship-to file. Users can be forced to record payment information on an invoice before it is saved.

  • You can select specific forms to open or processes to run on application start-up.

  • The edit Orders/Invoices/Credit Notes dialogs are now sizeable.

  • Users can be prevented from dating documents in a period marked as closed in Adagio Ledger.

  • E-mail setup is now stored by company and optionally by user ("reply to" etc). Database fields can now be specified for the e-mail subject of the cover page.

  • New codes have been added to the specification forms designer. A complete list can be printed using the "All specification codes" document in the sample data. You can now print the tax jurisdiction descriptions in the Totals section of an invoice. You can now add a section to print the tax description after an item. This can be used to separate out environmental fees and other "per unit" taxes so that they appear under the item to which they apply. You can now indicate that this is a COPY of a previously printed document.

  • You can now prevent a user from entering an Order for a customer on hold.

  • The Order Action report now uses the expected ship date on the order line file for its reporting. If you change the expected ship date in the order header, you are given an opportunity to propagate the change through all the item lines.