New features by version in Adagio GridView-RW

Adagio GridView-RW 9.2B 2016-05-05 (May. 5, 16)

    ·    GridView-RW enables AdagioDirect, a new feature that allows the mass updating of Adagio Tables from external sources, such as Excel, CSV Text, Access or any ODBC compliant data source.

    ·    AdagioDirect allows you to set up a relationship map between the external data source and the Adagio table.

    ·    GridView-RW will now update records from multiple files in a single View loaded using the "*-All" file wildcard mask.

And these changes were made in earlier versions:

Version 9.2A | 2014-08-30 (Aug. 30, 14)

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio GridView-RW 9.2A (2014.08.30)

       Replace a table in place in a database using ODBC Export function.

       Update encrypted fields such as credit card information.

       Read records marked as deleted in a file. This can assist in recovering deleted data.

       Delete Selected Rows in a View.

       Reports an error when the Update to a file fails.

       The cursor is now positioned on the first row of an inserted row set after the insert process is complete.

       Compatible with Adagio Console and respects requests to shut down.

       Includes 64-bit version.

Version 9.1A | 2013-04-03 (Apr. 3, 13)

    Enhancements and revisions in Adagio GridView-RW 9.1A (2013.04.03)

       Compatible with Adagio GridView 9.1A. Requires GridView 9.1A.


Version 9.0F | 2012-09-26 (Sep. 26, 12)

    New Features

       Compatible with Adagio GridView 9.0F. Requires GridView 9.0F.

Version 9.0E | 2012-04-27 (Apr. 27, 12)

    • Compatible with Adagio GridView 9.0E.
    • Logs updates to databases made by GridView-RW

Version 9.0D | 2011-08-29 (Aug. 29, 11)

    • Compatible with Adagio GridView 9.0D. Requires GridView 9.0D.
    • New Windows 7 friendly install scheme


Version 9.0C | 2010-10-02 (Oct. 2, 10)

  • Compatible with Adagio GridView 9.0C. Requires GridView 9.0C.

  • Compatible with Office 2010 (Excel 2010, 32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Version 9.0B | 2010-02-23 (Feb. 23, 10)

  • GridView-RW now allows records to be added (inserted) and from a database. You can also multi-select records for deletion.

  • The GridView Title bar now changes when the RW functionality of the add-on is enabled.

  • "Translate codes" is now automatically disabled when requesting read-write access to the tables.

  • New functions =RecordContains(value[,range/case]) and =ViewContains(value[,range/case]) have been added to easily locate records in the database containing particular data. RecordContains() searches all fields of the same data type for a match, while ViewContains() searches only those data elements referenced in the particular View for a match. For string values, the search can be either case sensitive or insensitive. For other data types (numbers or dates) an ending range can be supplied and all records falling within the range will be selected.

  • Table element names can now be sorted into alphabetical order to assist in locating specific fields.

  • Performance has been significantly improved.

  • The list of recently reported on databases is now stored by user.