Adagio PurchaseOrders

Adagio PurchaseOrders

A sophisticated Purchase Order and Inventory Receipts system that integrates seamlessly with Adagio Accounting.

Purchase Orders completes your Adagio solution for distribution, job costing, project management or not-for-profit budgeting control. It is fully integrated with Adagio.


Adagio Purchase Orders


  • Sort data how you want to see it with Filtered Order Views-sort or filter by order status (open, completed, partial receipts), order date, or vendor
  • Print, fax, or email professional looking, customizable, fully graphical Purchase Orders to your vendors
  • Place multiple vendors on a single Purchase Order to calculate landed cost.
  • Receipting for Multiple Orders, and invoicing for Multiple Receipts
  • Support sundry item and sundry vendor lists
  • Summary Orders are color-coded to show order status at a glance
  • Intuitive Data Flow lets you track related documents with drill down capabilities to all your record details
  • Add Items and Vendors "on the fly"
  • Add additional costs for alternate vendors on the same order, as the order is created, for better costing
  • Create Requisitions, approve, and turn into Purchase Orders
  • Create unlimited Purchase Order templates for frequently placed orders, for peak efficiency
  • Multiple sub-orders, multiple vendors in multiple currencies, and/or ship-to addresses on a single order
  • Multiple alternate vendor price list comparisons associated with each inventory item number
  • Import sales orders from OrderEntry into PO's, import receipts from bar code warehouse solutions
  • Import orders and/or receipts from 3rd party inventory and warehousing management solutions
  • Proper accounting and tracking of inventory item landed costs
  • No data conversion from Inventory Receipts for ACCPAC Plus means you are up and running instantly
  • Compatible with Adagio Inventory, Order Entry, Accounts Payable and General Ledger, JobCost, Multi-Currency, Crystal Reports® for Adagio, Adagio GridView and Adagio ODBC and RF Pathways Warehouse Management solutions.

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