Adagio PrintTool

Adagio PrintTool is installed by Adagio modules version 9.2A and higher. It allows Adagio users to print or view custom reports created with Crystal Reports 2011/2013 without having to run Crystal Reports itself.


  • A simpler way for users to print reports than using the Crystal Reports designer.
  • Select a report to print/preview from a list of all your reports, showing report title, filename, author, subject and comments.
  • Automatically does a "Set Location" when printing reports from multiple company databases.
  • Allows reports to be placed on the desktop using a shortcut to PrintTool.
  • Reports can be printed to the AdagioPDF printer to create a PDF document in the data folder.
  • Adagio ePrint users can automate printing custom reports to PDF and include in automation batch files when Adagio Console is installed.

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