Adagio OrderEntry

Adagio OrderEntry

Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, allowing you to manage and track backorders, future orders and standing orders, invoices and credit notes.


  • Prints, emails, and/or faxes Order Confirmations, Picking Slips, Invoices and Credit Notes designed with Softrak's "drag-and-drop" forms designer with multi-copy control.
  • Includes item details, miscellaneous charges, comments, shipping instructions, serial numbers and taxes on orders and invoices.
  • Supports multiple invoices per order with option for automatic back-ordering.
  • Order action reports highlight orders that can be satisfied from current inventory.
  • Runs with Adagio Inventory or standalone with a price list.
  • Manages multiple ship-to addresses for customers.
  • Apply cash payments when entering an order and add customers "on-the-fly".
  • Automatically prices an order or allows over-ride.
  • Copy orders, invoices or credit notes to create new documents.
  • Keeps a complete invoice and credit note history.
  • Menu level security and Order Template by Group or User.


Adagio OrderEntry automates your company's sales order entry and invoicing process. It tracks orders and prints order confirmations, picking slips, invoices and credit notes, all while handling the accounting and record-keeping functions necessary to effectively manage your company's order processing.

Tools like the Grid Editor-which allows customization of screens, field selection, title, size and column position-let each user tailor Adagio OrderEntry's use to their specific task in the organization, from warehouse to order desk. Its Windows interface, with drag and drop, cut and paste, batch, check and detail grids and multi-select print and post make managing your order processing smooth and effortless.

Print Order Confirmations, Invoices, Credit Notes and Picking Slips on blank paper or forms stock, including graphics and logos. Adagio OrderEntry faxes forms, too.

OrderEntry interfaces with Adagio Inventory, Adagio Receivables, Adagio Ledger, Adagio SalesAnalysis, and Crystal Reports for Adagio.

Adagio OrderEntry interface screenshot 1 Adagio OrderEntry interface screenshot 2 Adagio OrderEntry interface screenshot 3
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Order Creation process couldn't be easier. From the Order Header window (top left), which interfaces with the Customer file and pulls in customer defaults, to the addition of details on the Order Detail list (middle) and in the Edit Detail window (right) with Item file integration, order entry is quick, easy, and intuitive.

Adagio Advantages

  • Multi-copy design of order confirmations, invoices, credit notes and picking slips.
  • Built-in faxing of order confirmations, invoices and credit notes.
  • Copy orders, invoices or credit notes to create new documents.
  • New customers can be added "on-the-fly".
  • Full history of invoices and credit notes maintained separately.
  • Expected ship date by line.
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