Adagio MultiCurrency

Adagio MultiCurrency

Adagio Multi-currency provides a centralized place to maintain all your foreign currency exchange rates and formatting rules for use by the other Adagio modules. It also enables the multi-currency features in all Adagio modules at version 8.0A or higher.


  • Set up and maintain your currency codes, currency tables, and exchange rates in an easy-to-use interface.
  • Use web browsing buttons to quickly locate currency exchange rate information from a web site of your choosing.
  • Full flexibility in setting up foreign currency formats.
  • Link currency rates and rate types easily through the currency tables function, setting date matching and rate operation preferences so Adagio knows how to properly convert foreign currency transactions in the other modules.
  • Enter exchange rates and rate spreads quickly and easily.
  • Print reports about your currency codes, tables, rate types, and exchange rates for reference purposes.


The Currency Table interface is very straightforward. In addition to the standard currency features, it also allows you to set a web address that you intend to use to obtain the rate information for each currency.

Adagio MultiCurrency interface screenshot
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Adding exchange rates, and entering rate spreads each day can be done quickly and easily.

Adagio MultiCurrency interface screenshot 2
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Latest Full Release

New Features in Adagio MultiCurrency 9.2B New Features
Release Notes for Adagio MultiCurrency 9.2B Release Notes

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