Adagio Invoices

Adagio Invoices

Adagio Invoices combines flexible formatting like unlimited line items and lengthy descriptions with Windows power and ease of use.


  • Fully formatted invoicing with optional paragraphs of text and multiple detail section layouts.
  • Multiple invoice copies with field control by copy number.
  • Visual, drag and drop Invoice Designer.
  • Invoices can be printed, emailed, and/or faxed.
  • Direct faxing of invoices with scheduled queue management or immediate send.
  • Professional looking invoices on plain paper or select from pre-printed invoices.
  • Maintain history of all invoices and credit notes.
  • Reprint posted invoices from history.
  • Restore invoices from history for re-use or to create credit notes.
  • Archive recurring invoices for batch restore and output with automatic update of invoice number and date.
  • Full update facility with Block Item Adjustment and Update Archive Batches.
  • Built In tax tables handle virtually any tax situation.


Adagio Invoices adds the power of Windows to your invoicing. Use the drag and drop visual Invoice Designer to design your custom invoices in a snap. Use Windows features like full font control to give your invoices an enhanced appearance. Add logos and graphical elements like boxes, lines and circles to help your invoices get the attention of the AP clerk - and get paid faster!

Adagio Invoices lets you enter the following details with each invoice line: quantity, price, cost, reference, date, up to 750 characters of description, and two user-defined fields. This lets you clearly indicate to your customers every aspect of their charges, thus reducing misunderstandings and speeding payment.

Adagio Invoices is fully integrated with Adagio Receivables.

You can enter an unlimited number of line items on every invoice, decide whether it's an invoice or credit note, and even allocate to Job Costing.

For Adagio Inventory users, Adagio Invoices can pull prices, descriptions (which you can edit if you want) and stock levels from Adagio Inventory. Then it will create IC Shipment Batches when you post. Job Costing users can post billings directly to Jobs, and produce retainage invoices.

Need to send an invoice? Simply select the customer by popping up the Finder into the Adagio Receivables customer list. Add the items or services you will be charging and print the invoice. It's that easy!

Click the thumbnail below to view the Bill To screen of an invoice. It's easy to select your customer with the Finder button, and to accept all of the customer's defaults for taxation and pricing or to make changes for individual invoices as needed.

[click image to enlarge]

The Adagio Invoices Designer makes invoice specification design simple.

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The result of the invoice created in the Invoice Designer is professional and eye-catching!

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What is special about Adagio Invoices?

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Invoice Designer
  • Multi-copy invoices
  • Place graphics in invoices
  • Faster posting and printing
  • Drag and Drop batches or invoices to move, copy, restore and archive
  • Edit multiple batches concurrently
  • Pop-up calendar
  • Print directly to fax

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