Adagio GridView-RW

Adagio GridView-RW


The Adagio GridView-RW add-on allows you to modify your Adagio data.

Use GridView-RW to change, correct, reconfigure or repair Adagio databases. Create a GridView view to virtually any Adagio table, change any field or fields in the view and write the changes back to disk. Change a single record (row) or use a filter to select a block of records to change.

Change fields and settings in the Company Profile or master files that cannot normally be changed. Fix typos in text fields after the transaction has been posted. Change the salesperson code on posted documents or transactions to correct keying errors. Bump up the date on a batch of transactions without having to edit every entry manually.

Those are just a few example uses for GridView-RW. You will have many of your own.

A great tool for Adagio Consultant Resellers.

Latest Full Release

New Features in Adagio GridView-RW 9.2B New Features
Release Notes for Adagio GridView-RW 9.2B Release Notes

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