Adagio GridView

Adagio GridView
Do you have personnel who need access to your Adagio accounting data, but you'd really rather they didn't have the accounting programs themselves? This is what Adagio GridView is all about.

Since GridView is "read only" you don't have to worry about bad things happening to your accounting data because of untrained (or untrainable!) operators.


  • Executive snapshot of Current Receivables, Payables, Orders, Invoices, Cash (from the GL).
  • All items on backorder in OE, with quantities on PO and on hand in IC.
  • Views of Customers, Vendors, Time&Billing Dockets, Inventory Items, GL Accounts.
  • Salesperson view of Customers.
  • Customer Balances and transaction views.
  • Recent Invoices by Customer in OE.
  • Recent Invoices by Customer in Invoice History.
  • Recent Sales by Customer in Sales Analysis.
  • Recent Prices by Customer.
  • Recent Invoices by Vendor.

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