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Adagio FX

Adagio FX 9.2A is Sage 50 Compatible Adagio FX 9.2A is compatible with Sage 50 Accounting® - Canadian Edition 2016.
See Technical Tip "Retrieving Data from Sage 50 in Adagio FX" for instructions.

Adagio Ledger users can use Adagio FX to 1) combine multiple entities in a single financial statement, 2) let others access their own security controlled financial statements without allowing them access to change the underlying data, or 3) integrate with entry level accounting such as Simply Accounting®.

Accountants and users of Simply Accounting, who are frustrated with the format and presentation of their financial statements, can use Adagio FX to create presentation quality financial statements, run comparatives by year or between companies.


  • Multi-column comparative financial statements.
  • Drag and drop account groups onto a financial statement spreadsheet.
  • Choose columns from MTD, YTD, Budget YTD, Quarter, Fiscal Half, etc.
  • Use any font and formatting.
  • Present statements in summary or detail form.
  • Drill down from an amount on the statement all the way to posted transaction detail.
  • Easy e-mailing with a single click export to Excel.
  • Produce consolidated statements or span multiple years from separate entities using Simply or Adagio.
  • Related companies can be loaded into Adagio FX Pro for comparison statements even if they use different accounting software.
  • With FX Pro, you have control over where the Adagio FX data is stored.
  • You can create Statement Groups to automate the printing of Financial Statements.
  • You are allowed to have more than three worksheets in a single statement.
  • The Query Sheet function is available for accessing cell values across worksheets.
  • The Import Workbook feature is available, making it easier to create statements.
  • The Export to Excel Direct feature exports values, formats and formulas.

Check out some great financial statement samples.


The user has all the calculating power of a modern spreadsheet to create the "perfect" statement. Titles can be changed, columns can be formatted and the statement presented in detail or summary form, all at the click of a toolbar button. Rows and columns can be marked "hide when printed" to store comments or notes to the statements. Drill down from an amount in the statement all the way to the posted transaction detail to confirm entries. There is also a single click export to Excel, to allow easy e-mailing.

The data retrieval process is straightforward yet flexible. Click on the below thumbnail to see the retrieve interface.

[click image to enlarge]

The financial statement designer is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop method of quickly creating complete financial statements. Click on the thumbnail below to view the Financial Reporter.

Adagio FX creates presentation-quality financial statements from the Financial Reporter. Click on the thumbnail below to see a sample. Click here to see the variety of statements you can create.

Evaluating Adagio FX:

For an evaluation copy of Adagio FX, go to our download page. Your confirming email will give you a web page URL from which you can download the evaluation software itself, as well as the electronic manual and a training video.

You can also view a demonstration video by clicking here (16.2 MB).


Adagio FX is available from your Adagio Consultant Reseller or may be purchased on the web with an electronic manual in PDF format.

Adagio FX is $1500 Cdn / $1500 US and comes with a 2 month Upgrades Plan.

The yearly Upgrades Plan is $300 Cdn / $300 US; the yearly Technical Support & Upgrades Plan is $605 Cdn / $605 US.

Contact Softrak Customer Service at or call 1-800-663-9798 for details or to place your order. You can also purchase Adagio FX online!

Video demonstration
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