Adagio ePrint

Adagio ePrint

Adagio ePrint enables printout management and filing within all Adagio modules. When Adagio ePrint is installed, all reports and forms in Adagio can be automatically “printed” to PDF and saved with unique, meaningful, auto-generated names in a filing system of your choosing.


  • Force all reports to PDF prior to printing – only create paper when absolutely necessary.
  • Protect your audit trail, making certain that critical audit reports are safely saved.
  • Save PDF output in separate Folders for Audit, Transaction, General, Financial Statement and Forms “printouts”.
  • Decide whether a specific report is an “audit” or “transaction” report, and make sure it is filed in the correct Folder.
  • Browse and scan generated printouts to quickly locate a specific report.
  • Quickly pays for itself in paper and staff time saved from manual filing.


Adagio ePrint provides a simple interface to scan, search and print reports generated from Adagio. Folder paths may be relative to either the company data Folder or to a specific Folder, to make data relocation simple, and provide easy management of storage requirements.

Adagio ePrint screenshot

A Preview window shows a thumbnail of each report as it is selected. File properties automatically set by each Adagio module allow quick searching of hundreds of files to locate the information you need.

Adagio ePrint adds options to each module’s Company profile to control Report management. These options can be set once per company, or on an individual basis if desired.

In Adagio Ledger, the following section is added to the Company Profile | Posting/Reports tab:

Adagio ePrint screenshot

Separate Folders are available to save each type of output. The setup can be locked, to enforce the filing method company wide, or Users may make their own individual choices. As organizations move away from paper, tighter control of audit reports may be required. File conflict strategies can be designed to prevent the over-writing of important reports.

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