Adagio DataCare

Adagio DataCare

Adagio DataCare automatically checks all your Adagio data, unattended!


  • Define DataCare Jobs, specifying the modules you want checked, and the tests you want performed.
  • Automatically back up your data prior to checking its integrity. Copy the backups to another directory too.
  • Keep a log of all integrity checks performed, and their results.
  • Email any user, or group of users on success or to alert them of failure of a Job. Attach the results log to the e-mail for review.
  • Use Windows' Scheduler to have Adagio DataCare run at night, when the accounting data files are not in use.
  • Have DataCare automatically run the rebuild function on damaged data it encounters.
  • DataCare can automatically recover deleted records to free up disk space and improve the overall responsiveness of your accounting system.
  • Automatically print the log, so it's available when you arrive at work in the morning.


If you are running multiple Adagio modules, or working with multiple company data sets, Adagio DataCare will provide peace of mind and ensure the integrity of your accounting data. DataCare provides both a File Integrity Check for all Adagio modules, and Application Integrity Check for all core modules the day it's installed.

Set up Adagio DataCare once, and let it work its magic every night while your accounting staff are at home. It opens and reads all your accounting data files, validates the information in the files, and creates a log of the work performed. Tell DataCare to run a job at a specific time, and leave it running on your desktop, or let the Windows Scheduler automatically launch DataCare and execute the checking you need overnight.

Create DataCare jobs, identifying which modules to check, and what to do on success or failure. Automatically create backups, and copies of backups on alternative machines on your network - protecting you from hard disk failure. DataCare will automatically keep as many backup sets as you desire, and delete obsolete backups automatically.

Use DataCare to automatically compact your accounting data, freeing up space from records marked for deletion. Smaller files mean faster backups, faster day ends and posting and an overall performance improvement.

DataCare will automatically send you an e-mail on success or failure of the integrity check. You can decide to have the job log transmitted as part of the e-mail too.

Peace of mind has never been easier!

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The company profile stores options available to be used when setting up your DataCare jobs. Automatically make and copy backups, control which checks are performed and e-mail people on success or failure of the job.

DataCare allows you to define Jobs that check all the data files in your accounting system, across different modules. A single Job can check multiple modules.

What is special about Adagio DataCare?

  • Scheduled data integrity checking.
  • Check all the files in your accounting system from one place.
  • Automatically backup your files prior to checking.
  • Automatically e-mail on success or failure.
  • Execute different batch files on success or failure.
  • Compact out deleted records.

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