Adagio BankRec

Adagio BankRec

Here's the easy way to track your bank account balances in Adagio®. Adagio BankRec provides a centralized module to manage your cash position. Find out your current bank balances with a single mouse click. Pick up transactions from Adagio Payables and send cash receipts to Adagio Receivables. Account for NSF checks in a single step. Reconcile all your accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger in minutes instead of hours.


  • Up-to-date cash balances maintained to monitor cash position.
  • Auto-apply cash to outstanding invoices in Receivables.
  • Drill-down from a deposit to see the individual checks making up the deposit.
  • Automatically reverse NSF checks, accounting for bank fees and client charges.
  • Automatic creation of a cash batch for Adagio Receivables.
  • Complete integration with Adagio Payables automatically retrieves all checks written in that module and marks cleared items during bank reconciliation.
  • Import checks written by other systems (such as payroll).
  • Reconcile your bank statement with a few mouse clicks, from an electronic statement if available.
  • Print donation receipts and maintain an audit file of donations.
  • Automatically convert your Peresoft Cashbook data for a smooth transition.
  • Print a bank deposit slip.


The Bank Inquiry function (left thumbnail) lets you drill-down into transaction information for each bank (right thumbnail).

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From within each bank's transaction list, you can further drill-down to transaction details (left thumbnail), and even quickly and easily handle NSF checks (right thumbnail).

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