Partner Overview

Softrak’s mission is to develop and market Adagio Accounting to small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) through its channel of Dealers. Its partner channel also includes software and services companies that provided added value to an Adagio client’s accounting system infrastructure.

Summary of Partner Types

Adagio Consultant Resellers

An Adagio Consultant Reseller is a Value Added Reseller that actively consults and sells. They provide services for implementation, data conversion, training, support and integration. ACRs are actively prospecting for new business and have annual sales quotas.

Professional Software Recommender

A Professional Software Recommender is an influential consultant, analyst, or accountant that wishes to use and learn Adagio so they may recommend it for the appropriate clients (and accounting environments). It may also be a provider of I.T. services that wishes to work with an Adagio dealer to implement Adagio.

Adagio Consultant Integrators

An ADI is a software developer or integrator that wishes to integrate a software application with Adagio Accounting. This integration work may be for a specific client, or for a limited market.