Professional Services

Adagio For Professional Services Accounting

Many architects, consultants, engineers, accounting firms and other professional services organizations require comprehensive management of time and disbursement accounting, applying WIP management and transaction billing. 

If you have different staff members performing a suite of tasks, using different charge out rates, work codes, activity codes, and file numbers, all incurring expenses on behalf of clients, the tracking and billing of the professional services can be daunting. Adagio accounting software can help your professional service firm better track and manage both revenue and expenses. 

Adagio Time&Billing

Precise Financial Reporting For Professional Service Businesses

Service firm accounting can be complicated. Your software doesn’t have to be. With Adagio, in-progress or final bills can be generated with write-offs or write-ups, at the file type or the work code level.

Optionally, disbursements can be retrieved and marked up from Adagio Payables without rekeying. Invoices can be printed on plain paper with electronic letterhead or on pre-printed forms, as well as faxed and emailed. Precise financial reporting is a breeze for your professional service firm with Adagio.